Media Matters: Mendacities & Money Matters More

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 I have been a regular listener of the Rush Limbaugh Show for nearly nineteen years.

Why? He is entertaining, informative and tells it like it is.

Since I am a classical liberal or libertarian, as well as a movement conservative, I know where Rush is coming from and his views resonate with me.

Note, I did not say Republician.  I vote for the individual candidate not necessarily the Republician Party candidate.

It is very easy to take any comment out of context. The mainstream media do it all the time.

Just start or stop the clip or transcript where you want and give it a misleading headline.

Many times the context is essential to understanding what was or was not said.

Very often what was said was clearly a joke and meant to be taken humorously, goes right over the head of many American Liberal Democrats without a sense of humor.

Media Matters is all about taking out of context the comments of popular conservative and/or libertian talk radio shows hosts such as Rush Limbaugh, Shawn Hannity, Neal Boortz,  Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Mark Levin, Bill O’Reilly, just to name a few of the more popular national radio show hosts,  and misrepresenting what was really said or meant.

Recently, Media Matters tried to smear Rush Limbaugh, unsuccessfully I might add.

Rush responded:

From Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh: Anatomy of a Smear

Rush Limbaugh Phony Soldiers Statement Sept 25 MacBeth

From Media Matters


Limbaugh: Service members who support U.S. withdrawal are “phony soldiers”  

Please note that the very title of the article from Media Matters was misrepresenting what was said.

Limbaugh never said that “service members who support U.S. withdrawal are “phony soldiers”. 

 Anybody who listens regularly to Rush knows he would never say that.

Guess what– he did not say it!

Media Matters stopped both the transcript and clip at this point.  Rush explained that the phony or fake soldier reference was to Jesse Macbeth. 

Fake veteran gets 5-month sentence

Man claimed to have helped kill civilians in Iraq

From YouTube 

Glenn Beck on Smear Attacks on El Rushbo (10/2/07) 

John Gibson: Media Matters Is Lying About Rush Limbaugh!

O’Reilly: Media Matters is far-left & an assassination site

Mark Levin: Media Matters is “A Criminal Enterprise”!

Matt Drudge on Phony Soldiers, Limbaugh, and Keith Olbermann!

Why you might ask does the Left in America go to the trouble to listening to conservative/libertarian talk radio.

They know that many Liberal Democrats of their own party and political base are listening.

They rightly fear that many of them might slowly but surely change their minds. It is happening every day.

The real objective of Media Matters founded by David Brock and funded indirectly by George Soros

and others on the left is to abolish talk radio or at least cripple it by bringing back the Fairness Doctrine.

Should the left in America and Congress even come close, they will face the wrath of ten of millions of daily talk show radio listeners that will give new meaning to the term “blood will flow in the streets.”

 That was a joke for all the leftists without a sense of humor.

Unfortunately this is not very funny:

Jesse MacBeth Anti-War FRAUD

When you follow the money as to who is funding Media Matters, it appears to be indirectly funded by George Soros through the Tides Foundation and the Center for American Progress.

Who benefits from their activities?

Liberal Progressive Democrats including Hillary Clinton, who would like to reestablish the Fairness Doctrine to muzzle talk radio.

Time to connect the dots people.


Two gutless Senators on the floor of the Senate smear Rush by lying about what was said: 

Harry Reid denounces Rush Limbaugh over “Phony Soldiers”

Harkin on Limbaugh

Senators–have you no shame?

Senators–you owe Rush Limbaugh and the American people an apology.

Senator Clinton you just lost the election for you have motivated both the conservative movement and Republician Party base to vote against you, no matter who is on the ticket in 2008.

PS Senators Reid and Harkin you have just been called out by Rush.

Rush Limbaugh urging Harry Reid to face him like a man

Three cheers for Rush.

I know the members of the Armed Forces are cheering!

Addendum 2:

Today on’s New Ad, Interview with General (Ret.)  Clark

Major General (Ret.) John Batiste on Rush Limbaugh

Generals Clark and Batiste if you said this as a cadets at West Point you both would have been dismissed for lying.

Suggest you get your facts straight before you go on television and mislead the American people. 

You both have crossed the line.  You both are a liars. You conduct is uncoming of an officer.

You both owe apologies to Rush Limbaugh, the American people, and the members of the Armed Forces.

President Bush suggest you have Armed Forces Radio have the Rush Limbaugh Show on not for one hour, but for three hours so the troops can hear the entire show!

Addendum 3: 

Rush Announces eBay Charity Auction of Harry Reid’s Letter

Rush Limbaugh Announces eBay Auction Winner

Harry Reid takes credit 

Dennis Miller Slams Harry Reid

Senator Reid you are an embarsement and a disgrace.

Do the right thing Senator Reid and resign.

Way to go Rush.

You are not the only one with a brass pair–there are legions.

Background Articles and Videos



Hillary, Soros, Alinsky, and Rush

The Hidden Soros Agenda: Drugs, Money, the Media, and Political Power

Hillary Clinton Speaks At Yearly Kos

Hillary Clinton admits helping to start and support both Media Matters and the Center for American Progress at about 2 minutes and 40 seconds into the video

Media Matters for America

Fairness Doctrine 

Debate over the Fairness Doctrine on Fox News Sunday  

Hannity and Gingrich Put on the tin foil hats

Hannity Starts With The Conspiracy Theories Again

Media Reform: David Brock of Media Matters part one

Media Reform: David Brock of Media Matters part two

David Brock Group Backpedals on Soros Funding  

O’Reilly: George Soros is funding Media Matters, John Edwards

O’Reilly says Soros contributing to progressives urgent prob

 Bill O’Reilly and Dick Morris on, George Soros

Media Matters: Hillary’s Lap Dogs  

By John Perazzo | Friday, July 13, 2007  

 “…Media Matters and Hillary Clinton are further linked by their respective relationships with three of the most influential leftist operatives in the world—George Soros, Morton Halperin, and John Podesta. All three of these men are intimately involved with a vital think tank called the Center for American Progress (CAP)which, according to Cybercast News Service’s research, “was instrumental in getting Brock’s media group off the ground”; which helped launch Media Matters on May 3, 2004; and which maintains a tight bond with Brock’s organization to this day.

Soros and Halperin first proposed CAP’s creation in 2002 to promote generally the cause of the Left and the Democratic Party. But CAP’s overarching objective is considerably more specific than that: As an inside source told reporter Christian Bourge of United Press International, CAP is in fact “the official Hillary Clinton think tank.” Not long after its formal founding in the summer of 2003, Mrs. Clinton told reporter Robert Dreyfuss of The Nation: “We’ve had the challenge of filling a void on our side of the ledger for a long time, while the other side created an infrastructure that has come to dominate political discourse. The Center [for American Progress] is a welcome effort to fill that void.”

“Soros and Hillary have long held each other in high regard, as demonstrated by Hillary’s declaration at a 2004 Take Back America Conference in Washington, DC: “Now, among the many people who have stood up and said, ‘I cannot sit by and let this happen to the country I love,’ is George Soros, and I have known George Soros for a long time now, and I first came across his work in the former Soviet Union, in Eastern Europe, when I was privileged to travel there, both on my own and with my husband on behalf of our country….[W]e need people like George Soros, who is fearless, and willing to step up when it counts.” (Cited in David Horowitz and Richard Poe, The Shadow Party, p. 53)

Morton Halperin is Senior Vice President of the Center for American Progress and Director of the Open Society Policy Center established by George Soros. On both counts, then, he is tied to Media Matters and its pro-Hillary agendas. He also has an extensive history in Democratic Party politics, most notably during the Clinton administration. President Bill Clinton appointed him to several key positions: Special Assistant to the President, Senior Director for Democracy at the National Security Council, consultant to the Secretary of Defense, and consultant to the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy. Halperin was given these appointments even though, as a May 2000 World Net Daily report revealed, he was, “according to a well-respected former State official, . . . ‘known . . . as a Soviet or communist agent’” in the Cold War era.

When laying the groundwork with Soros for CAP, Halperin sought the input of John Podesta, a former chief of staff in the Clinton administration who today is the official President and CEO of the Center for American Progress. Podesta, too, helped Brock develop Media Matters, going so far as to loan office space to Brock’s fledgling organization in Washington, DC. …” 

Media Matters Reports: George Soros Funds Media Matters/FOX

George Soros: The Man, The Mind And The Money Behind MoveOn

 Open Society Institute

Open Society Policy Center

 Liberals Get A Think Tank Of Their Own

New Shop Will Develop Ideas, Fight Conservatives

“To most Washington think tank executives, $10 million or $12 million per year for three years would sound like a lot of money.

But then, they are not trying to do what former White House chief of staff John D. Podesta has in mind for his new Center for American Progress. Podesta’s ambition is to update the liberal agenda while beating back the conservative tide. Also, to discover, train and promote a new generation of liberal spokesmen. In other words, he wants to give the left of the American political spectrum a think tank to match the Heritage Foundation on the right.

The seed money pledged by such deep-pocketed Democrats as financier George Soros and mortgage billionaires Herbert and Marion Sandler — while serious dough — is barely enough to make a beginning. …”

“…The reality is that we need to fill up the idea tank,” he said.

For that job, Podesta has commissioned a barnacled veteran of many tanks, Morton H. Halperin, whose résumé includes Brookings, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Century Foundation and the Council on Foreign Relations. Halperin is in charge of recruiting the center’s fellows, and his first list is a mix of familiar liberal spokesmen, promising deep thinkers and unmappables in between. They include, among others, Clinton economic guru Gene Sperling, Africa expert Gayle E. Smith, syndicated columnist Matthew Miller, political demographer Ruy Teixeira, media critic Eric Alterman and health care theorist Jeanne Lambrew. …”¬Found=true

Tides Foundation

    Media Matters for America receives grants from the Tides Foundation

Year: 2005   Grant Amount: $1,074,453.76

Year: 2004  Grant Amount:   $2,165,496.62 

Center for American Progress receives grants from the Tides Foundation

Year: 2005   Grant Amount: $ 530,000.00

Year: 2004  Grant Amount:   $ 25,000.00

Tides Network

Center for American Progress

Center for American Progress Action Fund

John David Podesta  

Morton Halperin


SEE PROGRESS Exclusive: Hillary Clinton Interview @ CAP

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