Winter Storm Hercules Unchained — Snow Blizard Hits New York and Boston — Let It Snow — Baby It’s Cold Outside — Photos — Videos

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Dean Martin – Let it Snow!

Dean Martin & Martina McBride- Baby it’s cold outside [HD]

Storm Hercules bringing snow to third of US

Winter Storm Hercules State By State Impacts 2014′s First Big Storm Bears Down on Northeast weather

Winter Storm Hercules: Heavy snow frigid temps bear down on Northeast #Hercules


Tracking Winter Storm Hercules

The Weather Channel is Naming Winter Storms

Mayor Bill de Blasio Updates New Yorkers on Winter Storm Hercules

Winter Storm Hercules : 2014′s First Big Storm Bears Down on Northeast US

A blizzard is ready to slam into the northeast U.S. -VOA60 America 01-02

First snowstorm of 2014 descends on northeast US

Harvey’s major Nor’easter snowstorm forecast

Snow storm could impact Great Lakes to New England

Global Warming or a New Ice Age: Documentary Film

Global cooling was a conjecture during the 1970s of imminent cooling of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere along with a posited commencement of glaciation. This hypothesis had little support in the scientific community, but gained temporary popular attention due to a combination of a slight downward trend of temperatures from the 1940s to the early 1970s and press reports that did not accurately reflect the scientific understanding of ice age cycles. In contrast to the global cooling conjecture, the current scientific opinion on climate change is that the Earth has not durably cooled, but undergone global warming throughout the twentieth century.

Concerns about nuclear winter arose in the early 1980s from several reports. Similar speculations have appeared over effects due to catastrophes such as asteroid impacts and massive volcanic eruptions. A prediction that massive oil well fires in Kuwait would cause significant effects on climate was quite incorrect.

The idea of a global cooling as the result of global warming was already proposed in the 1990s. In 2003, the Office of Net Assessment at the United States Department of Defense was commissioned to produce a study on the likely and potential effects of a modern climate change, especially of a shutdown of thermohaline circulation. The study, conducted under ONA head Andrew Marshall, modelled its prospective climate change on the 8.2 kiloyear event, precisely because it was the middle alternative between the Younger Dryas and the Little Ice Age. The study caused controversy in the media when it was made public in 2004. However, scientists acknowledge that “abrupt climate change initiated by Greenland ice sheet melting is not a realistic scenario for the 21st century”.

Currently, the concern that cooler temperatures would continue, and perhaps at a faster rate, has been observed to be incorrect by the IPCC. More has to be learned about climate, but the growing records have shown that the cooling concerns of 1975 have not been borne out.

As for the prospects of the end of the current interglacial (again, valid only in the absence of human perturbations): it isn’t true that interglacials have previously only lasted about 10,000 years; and Milankovitch-type calculations indicate that the present interglacial would probably continue for tens of thousands of years naturally. Other estimates (Loutre and Berger, based on orbital calculations) put the unperturbed length of the present interglacial at 50,000 years. Berger (EGU 2005 presentation) believes that the present CO2 perturbation will last long enough to suppress the next glacial cycle entirely.

As the NAS report indicates, scientific knowledge regarding climate change was more uncertain than it is today. At the time that Rasool and Schneider wrote their 1971 paper, climatologists had not yet recognized the significance of greenhouse gases other than water vapor and carbon dioxide, such as methane, nitrous oxide, and chlorofluorocarbons. Early in that decade, carbon dioxide was the only widely studied human-influenced greenhouse gas. The attention drawn to atmospheric gases in the 1970s stimulated many discoveries in future decades. As the temperature pattern changed, global cooling was of waning interest by 1979

The Great Global Warming Swindle Full Movie

Blizzard to Reach From NYC to Boston Thursday Night

Alex Sosnowski

By Alex Sosnowski, Expert Senior Meteorologist

January 02, 2014; 2:32 PM
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A major snowstorm will reach from across part of the Midwest to the central Appalachians and New England Thursday into Friday. A blizzard will evolve from the storm in parts of the Northeast.

During Thursday and Thursday night, the storm will affect 20 states with more than 120 million people in the Midwest and theNortheast combined and could have a major negative impact on travel for people returning from holiday destinations, heading back to school or resuming business activities.

It will be far from the worst storm to ever hit the area, but people should be prepared for flight delays and cancellations because of direct and indirect impacts from the far-reaching storm. Some roads may even close for a time.

Deicing operations, poor visibility and increasing winds will put some airlines behind schedule. Aircraft and crews may not be where they are supposed to be, even if the weather is clear.

As colder air invades the storm, snow will stick to the roads. A layer of ice may form on some highways.

The worst of the storm is likely to be Thursday night in the Northeast but will cause enough snow to make roads slippery in some locations from the Midwest to New England.

The storm is forecast to bring a large area of 6- to 12-inch snowfall beginning in northern Pennsylvania and upstate New York to a large part of New Jersey and New England. This includes the entire metropolitan area of New York City and Long Island, northward to Albany, N.Y., and Scranton, Pa.

Between 12 and 18 inches of snow will fall in localized areas of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut and the cities of Providence, R.I., and Boston.

Within the heaviest snow area, the snow will fall at the rate of 2 inches per hour in some locations, making it difficult for plows to keep up.

AccuWeather.com Winter Weather Center
Latest Watches, Warnings, Advisories
Will it Snow at MetLife Stadium on Feb. 2?

A significant, but lesser snowfall is in store farther southwest in Philadelphia, and farther north in Bangor, Maine; Burlington, Vt.; and Pittsburgh. Around Baltimore and Washington, D.C., where a small amount of snow is forecast, a quick freeze and slippery travel is possible Thursday evening.

For many areas this will be a dry, powdery snow. However, along the mid-Atlantic coast and even southern New England coast for a brief time, a wintery mix will occur early. As colder air invades the storm, wet areas will freeze and the snow will become powdery.

The storm will strengthen quickly enough to kick up winds. Blowing and drifting snow will occur during the middle and last part of the storm from Pennsylvania to New England. From parts of New England to around New York City, a full-blown blizzard is forecast to evolve with strong winds, dangerous cold and low visibility.

The wind will cause waves to build along the New England and the mid-Atlantic coast. Where these winds are onshore longest, over eastern New England and along the north shore of Long Island, flooding at times of high tide is likely, along with beach erosion. The new moon from New Year’s Day will contribute to higher tide levels during part of the storm.

The coldest air of the season so far will empty out of eastern Canada on gusty winds in the wake of the storm. For some locations it will bring the coldest weather in several years.

Areas from New England to much of the mid-Atlantic will be very cold Friday into Saturday, while travel conditions will improve.

According to Long Range Weather Expert Jack Boston, “If New York’s Central Park fails to reach 20 degrees for a high temperature on Friday, it will be the first time this has occurred since Jan. 16, 2009.”

In the South, the colder air will be accompanied by a biting wind as well.

Another storm may eye the Northeast with snow, a wintry mix and rain Sunday into Monday as 2014 kicks winter up to a whole new level of intensity. Very cold air could also make a far-reaching appearance from the Midwest to the Northeast early next week.

Tune in to AccuWeather Live Mornings every weekday at 7 a.m. EST. We will be talking about the snowstorm in the Northeast and Midwest, along with the brutal cold.


1,800 flights stopped as blizzard aims for East Coast

By Natalie O’Neill and Bob Fredericks

January 2, 2014 | 4:46am

A powerful storm bearing down on the Northeast could dump up to 10 inches of snow on New York City and even more upstate and across Long Island and southern New England, forecasters predicted Thursday.

“The worst conditions are likely Thursday night, when the snow will be the heaviest, and winds and cold will cause the snow to blow and drift,” said senior meteorologist Alex Sosnowski on AccuWeather.com

And hard on the heels of Winter Storm Hercules - which Sosnowski said will produce blizzard and white out conditions – is the coldest blast of arctic air of the season, dropping temperatures into the single digits across the Northeast.

The expected total snowfall for the five boroughs is between 6 and 10 inches, with higher amounts north and west of New York City.

The city on New Year’s Day declared a “snow alert” to take effect at 1 a.m. on Thursday, and is prepping for the arctic blast with a fleet of street plows and salt spreaders.

“What makes [Thursday] pm’s blizzard a bigger deal than most snowstorms in NYC? Close proximity of cold air will drive strong winds,” meteorologist Eric Holthaus tweeted.

The massive storm will smack the southern half of New York State, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and southern Vermont and New Hampshire before it fizzles on Friday.

And plunging temperatures on Friday will make for a treacherous morning commute, with icy, snow-covered roads and lousy visibility.

Air travelers can expect delays and cancellations at Newark, Kennedy and La Guardia airports and rail service on Metro-North, the LIRR and PATH trains will likely be disrupted as well.

U.S. airlines canceled more than 1,800 flights nationwide on Thursday in advance of the storm. Many were on regional airlines that handle shorter flights for the major carriers.

More than 500 flights in or out of O’Hare airport were canceled, according to FlightStats.com. The flights that were getting out were delayed more than half an hour, and incoming flights were being delayed at their origin, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

Airlines already have canceled more than 500 flights scheduled for Friday.

The frigid blast of arctic air from Canada will send temperatures plummeting on Friday, with wind chills near zero.

“If Central Park fails to reach 20 degrees for a high temperature on Friday, it will be the first time this has occurred since Jan. 16, 2009, when the high was only 16 degrees,” said Jack Boston, another AccuWeather meteorologist.

The snow started early Thursday, slowing the morning commute and adding an extra day to the Christmas break for thousands of students.

Up to 5 inches of snow had fallen in eastern New York early Thursday, but the National Weather Service said some areas from Buffalo to Albany could get up to 14 inches by the time the storm subsides on Friday. Windy conditions and lows well below zero will make it feel like minus-30 in some parts of the Adirondacks Thursday night and Friday morning, the national Weather Service said.

Crashes were reported on some upstate roads, but none of them appeared serious as motorists were forced to ease up on the gas pedal because of the icy driving conditions.

“Everybody’s slowed down for the conditions,” said state police Sgt. David Malone of the Thruway detail in Albany. “Hopefully it stays this way for the rest of the day.”

The city will suspend alternate-side parking, and the state plans to close some major highways, including the Long Island Expressway.

“We’re telling people to prepare for road closings . . . The roadways may be closed on your way home. Mass transit is a prudent option,” Gov. Cuomo said. Parts of I-84 and I-684 could be closed as well.

Some schools in New York City’s northern suburbs were closing early Thursday, while scores of others in the Hudson Valley and other parts of eastern New York called off classes or delayed their start by a couple hours.

Some upstate districts are off through Friday for the Christmas break, but many others had planned to resume classes on Thursday.

Light flurries began late on Wednesday and temperatures fell to a frosty 29 degrees — a chill so intense a swimmer at Coney Island’s annual Polar Bear Plunge in Coney Island had to be treated for hypothermia.

The shocked swimmer was plucked from the icy water at around 1:20 p.m. then rushed to an on-sight medic, an EMT source said.

Roughly 1,000 people showed up at for the New Year’s Day tradition.

“It’s an unbelievable experience. I have never tried it — but you have to try something new every day. That’s why I’m here. It’s a new year,” said Miguel Flores, 23, of Coney Island.

Louis Alabaraeo, 20, of Midwood liked it so much, organizers had to ask him to get out of the water.

“Once you get in, it’s amazing,” he said. “The feeling is exciting.”


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New Revealations About Benghazi Scandal From CBS 60 Minutes — Congress Demands Benghazi Survivors Testify As To What Happened! — Videos

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Pronk Pops Show 158: October 30, 2013

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Segment 0: New Revealations About Benghazi Scandal From CBS 60 Minutes — Congress Demands Benghazi Survivors Testify As To What Happened! — Videos

The Benghazi cover story

By Raymond Thomas Pronk

U.S. President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton participate in a transfer ceremony of the remains of U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens and three other Americans killed this week in Benghazi, at Andrews Air Force Base near Washington

President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speak at transfer of remains ceremony at Andrews Air Force Base for Americans killed in Benghazi.         Credit:www.vosizneias.com

The Benghazi cover story was an awful, offensive, crude and disgusting online video that insulted believers in Islam lead to a spontaneous protest that killed four Americans in Benghazi, Libya.

On Sept. 14, 2012 during the transfer of remains ceremony at Andrews Air Force Base, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made remarks to the families of the four Americans killed in Benghazi. She briefly reviewed the careers and lives of the deceased: Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Clinton said, “We’ve seen the heavy assault on our post in Benghazi that took the lives of those brave men. We’ve seen rage and violence directed at American embassies over an awful Internet video that we had nothing to do with.”

On Sept. 16, 2012, United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice appeared on all five Sunday morning TV news shows. The interviewers on all five shows asked Rice to provide the Obama administration’s explanation for the murder of the four Americans in Benghazi.

On ABC’s  “This Week,” in response to a question by Jake Tapper,  Rice answered, “But our current best assessment, based on the information that we have at present, is that, in fact, what this began as, it was a spontaneous — not a premeditated — response to what had transpired in Cairo. In Cairo, as you know, a few hours earlier, there was a violent protest that was undertaken in reaction to this very offensive video that was disseminated.”  Rice repeated this explanation on all five shows.

On Sept. 25, 2012, President Barack Obama addressed the United Nations General Assembly in New York. He also repeated Rice’s explanation for what happened in Benghazi. Obama said, “That is what we saw play out in the last two weeks, as a crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the Muslim world. Now, I have made it clear that the United States government had nothing to do with this video.”

According to an Associated Press story by Paul Schemm and Michael Maggie: “Within 24 hours of the attack, both the embassy in Tripoli and the CIA station chief sent word to Washington that it was a planned militant attack,” and “there was no sign of a spontaneous protest against an American-made movie denigrating Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.”

The terrorist attackers numbering about 150 are suspected of being members of the powerful militia organization Ansar al-Shariah. Their members espouse a jihadist al-Qaida-like ideology. They fought in the Libyan civil war that overthrew the 42-year dictatorship of Moammar Gadhafi.

Gregory Hicks was deputy chief of mission and charge d’affairs at the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli, Libya on Sept. 11. He was called to testify before the House Oversight Committee that is investigating Benghazi on May 9. Hicks said, “I thought it was a terrorist attack from the get-go. I think everybody at the mission thought it was a terrorist attack from the beginning.”

On Oct. 27 CBS’s 60 Minutes Lara Logan said, “Contrary to the White House’s public statements, which were still being made a full week later, it’s now well established that the Americans were attacked by al-Qaida in a well-planned assault.”

Logan’s reporting coup was an interview with a new source, a British security officer, who uses a pseudonym. He said, “On his first drive through Benghazi, he noticed the black flags of al- Qaida flying openly in the streets and he grew concerned about the guard forces as soon as he pulled up to the U.S. compound.”

Also interviewed was Lt. Col. Andy Wood, chief security officer in Libya, and Hicks. Wood said, “Al-Qaida — using a familiar tactic — had stated their intent in an online posting, saying they would attack the Red Cross, the British and then the Americans in Benghazi. They made good on two out of the three promises. It was a matter of time ‘til they captured the third one.”

Wood added, “I made it known in a country team meeting, ‘You are gonna get attacked. You are gonna get attacked in Benghazi. It’s gonna happen. You need to change your security profile.’”

On Oct. 28  Fox News interviewed Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC). He said, “So I am calling for a joint select committee. … The people who survived the attack in Benghazi, have not been made available to the U.S. Congress for oversight purposes. I’m going to block every appointment in the United States Senate until the survivors are being made available to the Congress.”

The truth was known from the beginning that the terrorist attacks were planned and well-organized by a militia group called Ansar al-Shariah and had absolutely nothing to do with a YouTube video. The Benghazi cover story was a lie repeatedly told to deceive the American people during an election year.

60 Minutes – Benghazi (CBS – Oct 27, 2013) (Full)

Lara Logan reports on the events in Benghazi, Libya, September 11, 2012. The al Qaeda attack killed four Americans, including Ambassador, Chris Stevens.

Lindsey Graham To FOX Blocking Every Senate Appointment Until Benghazi Survivors Can Testify

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Wants Answers From Hillary, Obama On Benghazi Believe It Or Not!

Sources U S aborted Benghazi raid

Benghazi Scandal – Missed Chance – 3rd Raid In Libya May Have Caught Benghazi Terrorist

Benghazi Scandal Cover Up! Rep Wolf Benghazi Survivors Asked To Sign Non Disclosure Agreement

Background Articles and Videos

Breaking: CNN Reports CIA Engaged in Massive Intimidation Campaign to Keep Benghazi a Secret

Malkin And Fox Hosts Bask In CNN’s Benghazi Interview That Blew Up Obama’s & [8-01-2013]

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Oprah Says No To Obamas and Obamacare — Obamacare To Bad To Fail — Videos

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“Ingratitude is the essence of vileness.”
~Immanuel Kant

Most people return small favors, acknowledge medium ones and repay greater ones – with ingratitude.
~Benjamin Franklin

Ezra Klein to MSNBC Obamacare Rollout a Big Failure So Far

White House planned Obamacare website glitches to hide how costly health plans are

LibertyNEWS TV – “ObamaCare – Too BAD to Fail?”

Oprah and the Obamas: Is It Over?

Ed Klein and The Amateur – GBTV

NBC cheerleading for ObamaCare

Classic FAIL! Obama’s MSNBC Anchor Can’t Access Obamacare Exchange – Hangs Up after long wait

“The Amateur: Barack Obama In The White House” by Edward Klein

Red State Update: Oprah For President

The Oprah Winfrey Show Barack Obama and Michelle Obama part1

Red State Update: Oprah Disses Sarah Palin

Even Oprah isn’t on board with ObamaCare

As the White House was gearing up to sell ObamaCare to the American people last summer, Valerie Jarrett, the president’s pointwoman on a host of issues, phoned Oprah Winfrey.

She invited the Queen of All Media to join celebrities, including Amy Poehler, Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys, to meet with President Obama and discuss how they could generate publicity for his health-care law.

Oprah refused.
Barack and Michelle Obama with Oprah Winfrey in 2011.Photo: MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images

“All of Oprah’s top people thought she would go, because when the president invites you to the White House, most people automatically say yes,” said one of Oprah’s closest advisers. “But Oprah said she didn’t have the time or inclination to go. It wasn’t like she had to think it over. It was an immediate, flat-out, unequivocal no.”

Instead, Oprah sent a low-level rep from one of her talent agencies, which was regarded as a insult. Obama had been counting on Oprah’s immense persuasive powers to help enroll millions in ObamaCare. But as the rollout turned into a disaster, Oprah didn’t lift a finger to help.

The story of why Oprah has changed her tune and gone AWOL on ObamaCare goes well beyond mere gossip. It speaks volumes about the convergence of celebrity and politics under Obama and about a president who thinks nothing of using and then discarding his most loyal supporters.

Everyone remembers that Oprah went all out for Obama during the 2008 presidential election. What was not reported was that, in return, Oprah was promised unique access to the White House if Obama won. She’d get regular briefings on initiatives and a heads-up on programs to give her material for her fledgling cable network, OWN.

“Oprah intended to make her unique White House access a part of her new network,” a source close to Oprah told me. “There were big plans, and a team was put together to come up with proposals that would have been mutually beneficial.

“But none of that ever happened. Oprah sent notes and a rep to talk to Valerie Jarrett, but nothing came of it. It slowly dawned on Oprah that the Obamas had absolutely no intention of keeping their word and bringing her into their confidence.”

Oprah did not campaign for Obama in the 2012 race, and she has been absent from his battles on gun control, immigration reform and the environment. She claims she is too busy to get involved in politics, even though she hosted a fund-raiser for Newark Mayor Cory Booker, who won a US Senate seat last week.

Oprah’s friends publicly dismiss the idea that she had a falling out with Obama. They note that she phoned Michelle Obama right after the 2012 election to congratulate her. They say Michelle invited her to have dinner with the first family. But the dinner never took place, and Oprah continues to be frozen out.

“Oprah was hoping there would be a genuine change in the atmospherics,” one of her friends told me. “But there hasn’t been. Clearly, she is being rebuffed at the level of Michelle and Valerie. And, just as obviously, President Obama hasn’t interfered on Oprah’s behalf.”

During Obama’s first term, I argued in my book “The Amateur” that Michelle was jealous of Oprah, furious that he was seeking her advice.

“For her part, Oprah doesn’t like being with Michelle, because the first lady is constantly one-upping the president and anybody else around her,” said an Oprah adviser.

“Oprah has struck back by banning the Obamas from her O, The Oprah Magazine . . . It probably hurts Oprah more than Obama, who, if he had his head screwed on straight, would have flown to California and begged Oprah to help him save ObamaCare.

“But Obama hasn’t budged, and neither has Oprah. She’s hurt and angry, and I seriously doubt that Oprah will ever make up with the Obamas. She knows how to hold a grudge.”

Edward Klein is the author of the New York Times No. 1 best seller “The Amateur,” available in paperback.


Michelle Obama vs. Oprah: A weighty matter

A report that Michelle Obama said that Oprah’s “huge girth” makes her a terrible role model for kids is just one of the weighty issues that form the center an excerpt from bestselling author Ed Klein’s new book, “The Amateur,” published Monday in the New York Post.

Oprah Winfrey was a huge supporter of Obama from early on, throwing fundraisers for him and ultimately putting her professional reputation on the line to giver her endorsement.

“[S]he felt proud that she had been instrumental in electing the first black president of the United States,” Ed Klein writes in his book, ”and she believed that she had earned a place in the president-elect’s brain trust.”

Subsequently, Michelle and Oprah quickly became pals.

So why all the drama?

After the inauguration, things started to get dicey: According to Klein’s accounts, there was an immediate shift in tone between Michelle and Oprah.

When Oprah wanted to do an interview with the first lady, she had to go through middle men and red tape, getting the questions pre-approved. When she was ultimately allowed to interview Michelle, Michelle directed most of her answers and asides at Gayle King, Oprah’s long time best friend, instead of at Oprah.

This was all happening while Michelle was being told by advisers Valerie Jarrett and Desiree Rogers to distance herself from Oprah, and that Oprah was getting too close to the president and starting to act like the first lady herself.

The whole account sounds oddly similar to the movie “Mean Girls.” Michelle Obama was also allegedly jealous of Oprah’s relationships with Barack. In fact, Michelle was so paranoid of all the women working near her husband that she reportedly asked her “inner circle” to keep an eye on any girl that Barack got “touchy” with.

When Oprah went back to try to do another interview with Michelle about her anti-obesity campaign, she was flat out rejected. According to sources, Oprah told Gayle King that she really wanted to get on the phone and let Michelle have it, adding, “Michelle hates fat people and doesn’t want me waddling around the White House!”

If that seems harsh, apparently the feeling is mutual. Michelle Obama has been known to go on rants about Oprah.

“Oprah only wants to cash in, using the White House as a backdrop for her show to perk up her ratings,” Michelle was quoted as telling her staff. “Oprah, with her yo-yo dieting and huge girth, is a terrible role model. Kids will look at Oprah, who’s rich and famous and huge, and figure it’s OK to be fat.”

This election cycle, Oprah has yet to throw the president lavish fundraisers like she did in 2007. Still, Obama cites Oprah for helping to make him president, thanking her for throwing her weight behind him when no one else did.


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Jon Stewart Grills Secretary Kathleen Sebelius On Obamacare and Website — Videos

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Glenn Beck: When You Lose Jon Stewart on Obamacare ‘You’re Done’

ObamaCare vs Free Market Approach to Health Care Reform

“What a train wreck”

Jon Stewart grills Kathleen Sebelius on Obamacare

Kathleen Sebelius: Individuals Can Get A One Year Obamacare Delay — By Paying The Penalty

Jon Stewart accuses Kathleen Sebelius of lying

Rush Limbaugh Gives Jon Stewart Props for Tough Kathleen Sebelius Interview – 10/8/13

Jon Stewart Grills Kathleen Sebelius on Obamacare: Incompetence That’s Larger Than What It Should Be

Civil disobedience for doctors? BJ Lawson of Physician Care Direct has a way out of Obamacare

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What is Obama Hiding About The Benghazi Scandal? Libyans Arms and Fighters Shipped To Free Syrian Army and Terrorists in Syria — Videos

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House Oversight Draft Report on Benghazi shows ARB never fully investigated Hillary Clinton

Benghazi Scandal – Benghazi Committee Urged Firing But 2 Staffers Reportedly Back On The Job

National Security Advisor Susan Rice (Benghazi Scandal) To Brief Lawmakers On Syria Tomorrow 9/11

Benghazi Scandal – Benghazi Attack – Justice Delayed & Why? – Special Report – Wake Up America

Benghazi Talking Points New Calls For All E Mail To Be Released By Obama Admin Megyn Kelly

Benghazi Scandal – Will Benghazi Survivors Testify? – Reporter Grills State Dept Spokesperson

Benghazi Scandal – Benghazi One Year Later – High Tech Weapons With Night Vision Targeting Missing

Benghazi Scandal Investigation Widening Lawmakers Seek Interviews Of 13 Top Officials

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Love Potion #9 — Videos

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Love Potion #9

Love Potion No. 9

Love Potion No. 9 is a 1992 movie starring Sandra Bullock and Tate Donovan. Inspired by the famous doo-wop song of the same title, it’s about a special elixir (Love Potion No. 8) that enables a person to make people of the opposite sex become completely infatuated with them by simply talking. The potion also makes people of the same sex loathe, and sometimes physically attack, the one who is using the potion.[1]


Paul Matthews (Tate Donovan) is a lonely biochemist with a crush on his unavailable co-worker, biologist Diane Farrow (Sandra Bullock). His friends take him to a gypsy on 34th and Vine named Madame Ruth (Anne Bancroft). After reading his palm and seeing absolutely no romance in his life, Ruth gives him a small amount Love Potion No. 8 on a piece of paper. As a scientist, Paul has doubts and ends up throwing it in the trash when he gets home. Around this time, Paul’s friends buy him the services of Marisa, but all they do is talk.

His cat gets into the trash and eats some of the potion; then it meows and attracts all the other cats in the neighborhood. When Paul sees the results, he takes it to Diane, and they find out the “scientific” properties of it. After analyzing it, they decide to use themselves as human test subjects. Diane ends up attracting an Italian car mogul and the prince of England, ending up getting a makeover in the process, while Paul has a string of hookups with women in bars, supermarkets, cars, and sorority houses.

Paul and Diane realize their romantic attraction to each other and become involved. Eventually, Paul plans a proposal to Diane; however, when he comes by her house to do so, she has fallen into the arms of Gary, who was originally only using her for sex, since she’s under the influence of the potion. Paul gathers his friends and tells them about the potion, which causes them to laugh in his face. Marisa arrives at the house and uses the potion (which she earlier found and used to rob Paul) and uses it on Paul and his friends, proving the power of the potion.

By this time, Diane and Gary are getting married. Paul goes back to Madame Ruth, who gives him Love Potion No. 9, which will purify Diane and Paul’s love forever (unless Diane was never entirely in love with him, in which case Paul will love Diane for his entire life and Diane will eternally hate him). Paul and friends coerce the matron of honor at Diane’s wedding to help them, and Diane ends up running out of the wedding into Paul’s arms.


The film gives a pseudoscientific explanation as to how Love Potion No. 8 “works.” It’s explained:

When swallowed it affects the vocal cords directly so that when you speak micro-tremors encoded within your voice stimulate tiny little hairs in the inner ear of the opposite sex. The hair vibrates, sending a signal along a nerve to the brain, which in turn produces a combination of mood-altering, endogenous chemicals responsible for the biochemical process of falling in love. It makes members of the same sex hostile. It only works for four hours at a time.

Love Potion No. 9 prevents love from fading, and overrides the effects of Love Potion No. 8.



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Michael Spence — The Future of Economic Growth — Videos

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Michael Spence  — The Future of Economic Growth

3  Michael Spence on Economic Growth The Economist 

Conversations with History: Michael Spence 

The Next Convergence: The Future of Economic Growth in a Multispeed World

Authors@Google: Michael Spence 

Michael Spence: The Next Convergence (1/5)

Michael Spence: Does Sustainability Require State Intervention? If So, How Much? (2/5)

Michael Spence: How Global Supply Chains Raise Productivity in the US (3/5)

Michael Spence: Policy Proposals for the United States (4/5)

Michael Spence: Policy Lessons from Germany (5/5) 

CFIL MICHAEL SPENCE : the next convergence 1/2

CFIL MICHAEL SPENCE : the next convergence 2/2

Nobel Laureate Professor Michael Spence & The Economist’s Matthew Bishop Talk about Jobs 

Michael Spence’s Lecture at Bocconi University 

Michael Spence

Michael Spence on Globalization & Unemployment

Nobel laureate Michael Spence on the US jobs problem

An MBA Master Class: Michael Spence (SDA Professor – Economics)

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Perot Museum Of Nature & Science — Dallas, Texas — Videos

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perot museum




Perot Museum of Nature & Science Sneak Preview

Reaction :30 – Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Perot Museum Fly-through

Embracing the Power of Technology

Talley Associates – Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Kilograph: Dallas Museum of Nature and Science Animation

New Dallas Nature And Science Museum Opens

Official Perot Museum of Nature and Science Construction Time-Lapse

Day at The Perot Museum in Dallas!

Perot Museum Of Nature & Science

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Touring Dallas’ newest attraction: the Perot Museum of Nature and Science

ZANEOLOGY TV: Perot Museum of Nature and Science v.1

See the Veins Under Your Skin at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas

Slices of a deceased female body at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Savor Dallas coming to the new Perot Museum

George John Visits the Perot Museum of Nature and Science

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Barry Eichengreen — Exorbitant Privilege — Videos

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Eichengreen on the Gold Standard, the Dollar Standard, and a New Global Currency Order

Is the Age of Dollar Dominance Coming to an End?

Conversations with History: The Rise and Fall of the Dollar

Exorbitant Privilege

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Assumption Parish, Louisiana sinkhole — Videos

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Louisiana Sinkhole Crisis is Out of Control — GET OUT of Southern Louisiana

BAYOU CORNE, La. — The Assumption Parish sinkhole is a lot like a living, breathing thing. More than 200 days after it mysteriously started swallowing up the swamp, hundreds of residents are still under a mandatory evacuation order. Geophysicists say the cavern that caused the sinkhole at the surface is still collapsing, leaving Bayou Corne residents wondering if there will ever be an end in sight. Geophyisicists now say the western side of one of the brine caverns is collapsing, filling in from deep in the Earth, causing the sinkhole at the surface to expand and contract.
One of those questions: What caused the cavern to collapse? “The sinkhole is constantly changing. It changes every time we go out there. Not just on the surface, but in the sub-surface,” said Gary Hecox, a hydrogeologist with CB&I, formerly the Shaw Group, who is a consultant for the state about how to best handle the sinkhole.
He said it’s uncharted territory. “The cavern was 3,400 feet deep, which is deeper than any known cavern failure impacting the surface in the international record,” Hecox said.
Nowhere in the world has a brine cavern this large collapsed, and Hecox said the data shows it’s not finished yet. “We still have 450 feet to fill. How long is it gonna take to fill this up? At one foot per day, we’re still looking at an event that’s gonna run over a year,” he said.
Every time it shifts, recently installed seismic monitors pick up tremors like little earthquakes. When it does, big bubbles of natural gas, vegetation and crude oil are released to the surface. They call it a “burp”. “It appears that the sand and gravel that’s in the bottom of the sinkhole breaks up a large gas bubble into many small bubbles just like an aquarium,” Hecox continued, “That is a good thing. Because if you get a single bubble up and have an ignition source you can have a flash over.” A flash over is an explosion, like the kind you can see if you leave the gas on too long before lighting a propane grill. But Hecox said a large natural gas bubble from the sinkhole lit by any ignition source could mean major damage on the surface. Instead those little bubbles are coming out all around the actual sinkhole site in the form of bubble sites in the bayou. Twenty new bubble sites have been spotted in the last month.
In recent weeks, some of the residents who stayed behind, and are living in the area at their own risk, noticed some problems that are typically invisible to the naked eye.
Bubble sites popped up in neighborhoods that are typically dry during flooding after a recent rain storm. It caused Wilma Subra, a chemist with the Louisiana Environmental Action Network, to raise a red flag with the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality.” A house acts like a tent. So, if it’s migrating up through the soil, and it’s being caught in the house, it’s building up concentrations in the house. And then if it reaches explosive level, then one little spark in the house would set it off,” Subra said.
Many feel forgotten, Weber said. Especially by Gov. Bobby Jindal. The governor has yet to visit the sinkhole site or publicly talk about it. “He’s promoting plants around the area, chemical plants. And he was in the area and he wouldn’t, still to this day does not acknowledge it,” Weber said.
In October and November of 2012, Jindal announced two chemical plant expansions a few miles from Bayou Corne, one in nearby Geismar and one in Donaldsonville.
But in six months, he’s made no visit to the sinkhole site. “Where is he? Where is Jindal? He’s all over the United States, but he can’t come forty minutes south of Baton Rouge and visit,” Weber asked.
As photos from the Louisiana Environmental Action Network show, when the sinkhole first appeared, it was just 400 feet in diameter. As of mid-February, it had swallowed nine acres.

Official: Louisiana sinkhole Spud talks w/Joe Harrison about the sinkhole

Background Articles and Videos

Mysterious Louisiana Sinkhole Drains Entire Lake 

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Andreas Schleicher — PISA Testing and Building Better Schools–Videos

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Andreas Schleicher: Use data to build better schools

How can we measure what makes a school system work? Andreas Schleicher walks us through the PISA test, a global measurement that ranks countries against one another — then uses that same data to help schools improve. Watch to find out where your country stacks up, and learn the single factor that makes some systems outperform others.

Andreas Schleicher – 2012 School Administrators Conference

After No Child Left Behind – Now what do we do?

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Independent Fiscal, Religious and Libertarian Conservatives Stayed Home Instead of Voting for A Neoconservative Progressive Republican or Democrat–Paul Prepares For 2016?–Plague On Both Parties–Lesser of Two Evils Is Still Evil–Conservatives Looking For A New Political Party–Tea Party–Videos

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“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of  the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”
Abraham  Lincoln

Why Rand Was Right to Endorse Romney 

“I did not come to praise the progressive Republican establishment but to replace them.”

Raymond Thomas Pronk

SA@TheDC – Conservatism for What? 

Open Memo To Republican Party: No more progressives or your party will go the way of the Whigs.

Dewey, Eisenhower, Nixon, Bush, Dole, Bush, McCain, and Romney–Progressive Republicans all.

Since the end of World War II, the only conservative libertarian Republican elected President was Ronald Reagan and the progressive Republicans or Rockefeller Republicans did not want him.

Millions of Independent conservatives as well as Republican conservatives stayed home in 2012 or did not vote for either Romney nor Obama, get a clue Republican Party establishment.

I stayed home.

The time has come for tea party candidates to form their own political party.

The Republican Party like the Democratic Party is controlled by progressive Republicans that favor big government intervention in the economy and abroad.

Conservatives are leaving the Republican Party in droves.

The only way to get a politician or political party’s attention is to not vote for them.

Have we got your attention.

I doubt it.

Why would any progressive vote for a Republican progressive?

Why would any conservative–traditional, national defense, social, religious, fiscal or libertarian–vote for a progressive Republican.

Neoconservatives are not conservatives, they are right-wing progressives from the Democratic Party.

Soon the number of independent voters will exceed the number of registered Democrats as well as the number of registered Republicans.

All the Republican Party had to do in 2012 was nominate a conservative, instead the Republican Party establishment nominated a progressive.

Some people and parties never learn.

Romney did not get the young vote.

Ron Paul did in the primaries.

Barack Obama got the majority of the young vote–18-29.

For sheer stupidity and arrogance read the post below from a Romney volunteer and their get out the vote software or website failure!

Romney’s team did not the basics down.

Should be a Havard Business School case study in how not to run a campaign.

Senator Rand Paul for President in 2016!

Senator Rand Paul

Why ‘Mitt Romney’ Lost

The Ultimate Mitt Romney Flip-Flop Collection 

“Can’t Be Worse Than Obama”

“The Libertarian View”

SA@TAC – What’s a ‘Neoconservative?’ 

SA@TheDC – Confronting American Empire

SA@TAC – No Excuse: Mitt Romney’s Case for American Empire 

SA@TAC – Ronald Reagan: Isolationist

SA@TAC – Conservatism in Exile

RNC or WWE? 

Snakes on a Campaign: Mitt Romney by the Southern Avenger

How Romney and Republicans Can Appeal to Libertarians 

Ron Paul on Fox News ~ Election Day Analysis 11/6/12


Rand Paul Eyes 2016 Run 

Alex Jones It’s gonna get BAD! 7.nov.2012 

Collectivism Running America: Alex Jones Report 

G. Edward Griffin – The Collectivist Conspiracy 

Mind blowing speech by Robert Welch in 1958 predicting Insiders plans to destroy America

The Truth in Time by Robert Welch


Mr. Conservative: Barry Goldwater at the 1964 Republican National Convention 

Reagan – A Time For Choosing 

Turnout shaping up to be lower than 2008


A drop in voter turnout in Tuesday’s election didn’t keep President Barack  Obama from winning a second term.

Preliminary figures suggest fewer people voted this year than four years ago,  when voters shattered turnout records as they elected Obama to his first  term.

In most states, the numbers are shaping up to be even lower than in 2004,  said Curtis Gans, director of American University’s Center for the Study of the  American Electorate. Every state is showing lower numbers than in 2008, Gans  said. Still, the full picture may not be known for weeks because much of the  counting takes place after Election Day.

“This is one of those rare elections in which turnout in every state in the  nation went down,” Gans said.

In Texas, turnout for the presidential race dropped almost 11 percent from  2008. Vermont and South Carolina saw declines that were almost as large. The  drop-off was more than 7 percent in Maryland, where voters approved a ballot  measure allowing gay marriage.

With 97 percent of precincts reporting, The Associated Press’ figures showed  more than 118 million people had voted in the White House race, but that number  will go up as more votes are counted. In 2008, 131 million people cast ballots  for president, according to the Federal Election Commission.

Experts calculate turnout in different ways based on who they consider  eligible voters. A separate, preliminary estimate from George Mason University’s  Michael McDonald put the 2012 turnout rate at 60 percent of eligible voters.  That figure was expected to be revised as more precincts reported and absentee  votes were counted. …”

Read more: http://www.kypost.com/dpps/news/national/turnout-shaping-up-to-be-lower-than-2008_7991483#ixzz2BZ1CMrNE

Read more: http://www.kypost.com/dpps/news/national/turnout-shaping-up-to-be-lower-than-2008_7991483#ixzz2BZ00bhK8

November 08, 2012

The Unmitigated Disaster Known As Project ORCA

What is Project Orca?  Well, this is what they told us:

Project ORCA is a massive undertaking – the Republican Party’s newest, unprecedented and most technologically advanced plan to win the 2012 presidential election.

Pretty much everything in that sentence is false.  The “massive undertaking” is true, however.  It would take a lot of planning, training and coordination to be done successfully (oh, we’ll get to that in a second).  This wasn’t really the GOP’s effort, it was Team Romney’s.  And perhaps “unprecedented” would fit if we’re discussing failure.

The entire purpose of this project was to digitize the decades-old practice of strike lists.  The old way was to sit with your paper and mark off people that have voted and every hour or so, someone from the campaign would come get your list and take it back to local headquarters.  Then, they’d begin contacting people that hadn’t voted yet and encourage them to head to the polls.  It’s worked for years.

From the very start there were warning signs.  After signing up, you were invited to take part in nightly conference calls.  The calls were more of the slick marketing speech type than helpful training sessions.  There was a lot of “rah-rahs” and lofty talk about how this would change the ballgame.

Working primarily as a web developer, I had some serious questions.  Things like “Has this been stress tested?”, “Is there redundancy in place?” and “What steps have been taken to combat a coordinated DDOS attack or the like?”, among others.  These types of questions were brushed aside (truth be told, they never took one of my questions).  They assured us that the system had been relentlessly tested and would be a tremendous success.

On one of the last conference calls (I believe it was on Saturday night), they told us that our packets would be arriving shortly.  Now, there seemed to be a fair amount of confusion about what they meant by “packet”.  Some people on Twitter were wondering if that meant a packet in the mail or a pdf or what.  Finally, my packet arrived at 4PM on Monday afternoon as an emailed 60 page pdf.  Nothing came in the mail.  Because I was out most of the day, I only got around to seeing it at around 10PM Monday night.  So, I sat down and cursed as I would have to print out 60+ pages of instructions and voter rolls on my home printer.  Naturally, for reasons I can’t begin to comprehend, my printer would not print in black and white with an empty magenta cartridge (No HP, I will never buy another one of your products ever again).  So, at this point I became panicked.  I was expected to be at the polls at 6:45AM and nothing was open.  I was thankfully able to find a Kinko’s open until 11PM that was able to print it out and bind it for me, but this is not something I should have had to do.  They expected 75-80 year old veteran volunteers to print out 60+ pages on their home computers?  The night before election day?  From what I hear, other people had similar experiences.  In fact, many volunteers never received their packets at all.

At 6:30AM on Tuesday, I went to the polls.  I was immediately turned away because I didn’t have my poll watcher certificate.  Many, many people had this problem.  The impression I got was this was taken care of because they had “registered me”.  Others were as well.  But apparently, I was supposed to go on my own to a Victory Center to pick it up, but that was never communicated properly.  Outside of the technical problems, this was the single biggest failure of the operation.  They simply didn’t inform people that this was a requirement.  In fact, check out my “checklist” from my ORCA packet:Notice anything missing?  My guess is the second “Chair (if allowed)” was supposed to be “poll watcher certificate” but they put chair twice.  This was an instruction packet that went out to 30,000+ people.  Did no one proof-read it?

So, I headed back home to see if I could get my certificate.  I called their official help line.  It went unanswered.  I tried their legal line.  Same thing.  I emailed them.  No response.  I continued to do this for six straight hours and never got a response. I even tried to call three local victory centers.  All went straight to voicemail.

While I was home, I took to Twitter and the web to try to find some answers.  From what I saw, these problems were widespread.  People had been kicked from poll watching for having no certificate.  Others never received their pdf packets.  Some were sent the wrong packets from a different area.  Some received their packet, but their usernames and passwords didn’t work.

Now a note about the technology itself.  For starters, this was billed as an “app” when it was actually a mobile-optimized website (or “web app”).  For days I saw people on Twitter saying they couldn’t find the app on the Android Market or iTunes and couldn’t download it.  Well, that’s because it didn’t exist.  It was a website.  This created a ton of confusion.  Not to mention that they didn’t even “turn it on” until 6AM in the morning, so people couldn’t properly familiarize themselves with how it worked on their personal phone beforehand.

Next, and this part I find mind-boggingly absurd, the web address was located at “https://www.whateveritwas.com/orca”.  Notice the “s” after http. This denotes it’s a secure connection, something that’s used for e-commerce and web-based email.  So far, so good.  The problem is that they didn’t auto-forward the regular “http” to “https” and as a result, many people got a blank page and thought the system was down.  Setting up forwarding is the simplest thing in the world and only takes seconds, but they failed to do it.  This is compounded by the fact that mobile browsers default to “http” when you just start with “www” (as 95% of the world does).

By 2PM, I had completely given up.  I finally got ahold of someone at around 1PM and I never heard back.  From what I understand, the entire system crashed at around 4PM.  I’m not sure if that’s true, but it wouldn’t surprise me.  I decided to wait for my wife to get home from work to vote, which meant going very late (around 6:15PM).  Here’s the kicker, I never got a call to go out and vote.  So, who the hell knows if that end of it was working either.

So, the end result was that 30,000+ of the most active and fired-up volunteers were wandering around confused and frustrated when they could have been doing anything else to help.  Like driving people to the polls, phone-banking, walking door-to-door, etc.  We lost by fairly small margins in Florida, Virginia, Ohio and Colorado.  If this had worked could it have closed the gap?  I sure hope not for my sanity’s sake.

The bitter irony of this entire endeavor was that a supposedly small government candidate gutted the local structure of GOTV efforts in favor of a centralized, faceless organization in a far off place (in this case, their Boston headquarters).  Wrap your head around that.

I’m on Twitter at @JohnEkdahl if you have any questions.


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Obama Economic Recovery Ends: Shortest and Weakest Recovery After 10 Post War Recessions–Obama Recession Starts–Videos

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U-6 Unemployment Rate

Debacle: How Obama Incentivized Sloth & Created the Weakest Recovery In Modern History

Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX) speaks about July’s Employment Numbers on CNBC

The President’s Policies Aren’t Working

Economic recovery is weakest since World War II

“…recession that ended three years ago this summer has been followed by the feeblest economic recovery since the Great Depression.

Since World War II, 10 U.S. recessions have been followed by a recovery that lasted at least three years. An Associated Press analysis shows that by just about any measure, the one that began in June 2009 is the weakest.

The ugliness goes well beyond unemployment, which at 8.3 percent is the highest this long after a recession ended.

Economic growth has never been weaker in a postwar recovery. Consumer spending has never been so slack. Only once has job growth been slower.

More than in any other post-World War II recovery, people who have jobs are hurting: Their paychecks have fallen behind inflation.

Many economists say the agonizing recovery from the Great Recession, which began in December 2007 and ended in June 2009, is the predictable consequence of a housing bust and a grave financial crisis.

Credit, the fuel that powers economies, evaporated after Lehman Brothers collapsed in September 2008. And a 30 percent drop in housing prices erased trillions in home equity and brought construction to a near-standstill.

So any recovery was destined to be a slog.

“A housing collapse is very different from a stock market bubble and crash,” says Nobel Prize-winning economist Peter Diamond of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “It affects so many people. It only corrects very slowly.”

The U.S. economy has other problems, too. Europe’s troubles have undermined consumer and business confidence on both sides of the Atlantic. And the deeply divided U.S. political system has delivered growth-chilling uncertainty.

The AP compared nine economic recoveries since the end of World War II that lasted at least three years. A 10th recovery that ran from 1945 to 1948 was not included because the statistics from that period aren’t comprehensive, although the available data show that hiring was robust. There were two short-lived recoveries — 24 months and 12 months — after the recessions of 1957-58 and 1980.

Here is a closer look at how the comeback from the Great Recession stacks up with the others:


America’s gross domestic product — the broadest measure of economic output — grew 6.8 percent from the April-June quarter of 2009 through the same quarter this year, the slowest in the first three years of a postwar recovery. GDP grew an average of 15.5 percent in the first three years of the eight other comebacks analyzed.

The engines that usually drive recoveries aren’t firing this time.

Investment in housing, which grew an average of nearly 34 percent this far into previous postwar recoveries, is up just 8 percent since the April-June quarter of 2009.

That’s because the overbuilding of the mid-2000s left a glut of houses. Prices fell and remain depressed. The housing market has yet to return to anything close to full health even as mortgage rates have plunged to record lows.

Government spending and investment at the federal, state and local levels was 4.5 percent lower in the second quarter than three years earlier.

Three years into previous postwar recoveries, government spending had risen an average 12.5 percent. In the first three years after the 1981-82 recession, during President Ronald Reagan’s first term, the economy got a jolt from a 15 percent increase in government spending and investment.

This time, state and local governments have been slashing spending — and jobs. And since passing President Barack Obama’s $862 billion stimulus package in 2009, a divided Congress has been reluctant to try to help the economy with federal spending programs. Trying to contain the $11.1 trillion federal debt has been a higher priority.

Since June 2009, governments at all levels have slashed 642,000 jobs, the only time government employment has fallen in the three years after a recession. This long after the 1973-74 recession, by contrast, governments had added more than 1 million jobs.


Consumer spending has grown just 6.5 percent since the recession ended, feeblest in a postwar recovery. In the first three years of previous recoveries, spending rose an average of nearly 14 percent.

It’s no mystery why consumers are being frugal. Many have lost access to credit, which fueled their spending in the 2000s. Home equity has evaporated and credit cards have been canceled. Falling home prices have slashed home equity 49 percent, from $13.2 trillion in 2005 to $6.7 trillion early this year.

Others are spending less because they’re paying down debt or saving more. Household debt peaked at 126 percent of after-tax income in mid-2007 and has fallen to 107 percent, according to Haver Analytics. The savings rate has risen from 1.1 percent of after-tax income in 2005 to 4.4 percent in June. Consumers have cut credit card debt by 14 percent — to $865 billion — since it peaked at over $1 trillion in December 2007.

“We were in a period in which we borrowed too much,” says Carl Weinberg, chief economist at High Frequency Economics. “We are now deleveraging. That’s a process that slows us down.”


The economy shed a staggering 8.8 million jobs during and shortly after the recession. Since employment hit bottom, the economy has created just over 4 million jobs. So the new hiring has replaced 46 percent of the lost jobs, by far the worst performance since World War II. In the previous eight recoveries, the economy had regained more than 350 percent of the jobs lost, on average.

During the 1981-82 recession, the U.S. lost 2.8 million jobs. In the three years and one month after that recession ended, the economy added 9.8 million — replacing the 2.8 million and adding 7 million more.

Never before have so many Americans been unemployed for so long three years into a recovery. Nearly 5.2 million have been out of work for six months or more. The long-term unemployed account for 41 percent of the jobless; the highest mark in the other recoveries was 22 percent.

Gregory Mann, 58, lost his job as a real estate appraiser three years ago. “Basically, I am looking for anything,” he says. He has applied to McDonald’s, Target and Nordstrom’s.

“Nothing, not even a rejection letter,” he says.

His wife, a registered nurse, has lost two jobs in the interim — and just received an offer to work reviewing medical records near Atlanta.

“We are broke and nearly homeless,” he says. “If this job for my wife hadn’t come through, we would be out on the street come Sept. 1 or would have had to move in with relatives.”

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has called long-term unemployment a “national crisis.” The longer people remain unemployed, the harder it is to find work, Bernanke has said. Skills erode, and people lose contact with former colleagues who could help with the job search.


Usually, workers’ pay rises as the economy picks up momentum after a recession. Not this time. Employers don’t have to be generous in a weak job market because most workers don’t have anywhere to go.

As a result, pay raises haven’t kept up with even modest levels of inflation. Earnings for production and nonsupervisory workers — a category that covers about 80 percent of the private, nonfarm workforce — have risen just over 6.2 percent since June 2009. Consumer prices have risen nearly 7.2 percent. Adjusted for inflation, wages have fallen 0.8 percent. In the previous five recoveries —the records go back only to 1964 — real wages had gone up an average 1.5 percent at this point.

Falling wages haven’t hurt everyone. Lower labor costs helped push corporate profits to a record 10.6 percent of U.S. GDP in the first three months of 2012, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. And those surging profits helped lift the Dow Jones industrials 54 percent from the end of June 2009 to the end of last month. Only after the recessions of 1948-49 and 1953-54 did stocks rise more.

Stock investments may be coming back, but savings are still getting squeezed by the rock-bottom interest rates the Fed has engineered to boost the economy. The money Americans earn from interest payments fell from nearly $1.4 trillion in 2008 to barely $1 trillion last year — a drop of more than $370 billion, or 27 percent. That amounts to shrinking income for many retirees.

Washington isn’t doing much to help the economy. An impasse between Obama and congressional Republicans brought the U.S. to the brink of default on the federal debt last year —a confrontation that rattled financial markets and sapped consumer and business confidence.

Given the political divide, businesses and consumers don’t know what’s going to happen to taxes, government spending or regulation. Sharp tax increases and spending cuts are scheduled to kick in at year’s end unless Congress and the White House reach a budget deal.

In the meantime, it’s difficult for consumers to summon the confidence to spend and businesses the confidence to hire and expand. Never in the postwar period has there been so much uncertainty about what policymakers will do, says Steven Davis, an economist at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business: “No one is sure what will actually happen.”

As weak as this recovery is, it’s nothing like what the U.S. went through in the 1930s. The period known as the Great Depression actually included two severe recessions separated by a recovery that lasted from March 1933 until May 1937.

It’s tough to compare the current recovery with the 1933-37 version. Economic figures comparable to today’s go back only to the late 1940s. But calculations by economist Robert Coen, professor emeritus at Northwestern University, suggest that things were far bleaker during the recovery three-quarters of a century ago: Coen found that unemployment remained well above 10 percent — and usually above 15 percent — throughout the 1930s.

Only the approach and outbreak of World War II — the ultimate government stimulus program — restored the economy and the job market to full health.

Comparison of U.S. Recoveries from Recession


Real Gross Domest Product (GDP) Growth Rates

Background Articles and Videos

Did Mitt Romney Call President Obama A Liar?

Romney Aid: Obama’s Ad Is a Lie

Current Population Survey

August 3, 2012

Employment from the BLS household and payroll surveys:

summary of recent trends


Employment Situation Summary

Transmission of material in this release is embargoed                          USDL-12-1531
until 8:30 a.m. (EDT) Friday, August 3, 2012

Technical information:
 Household data:       (202) 691-6378  *  cpsinfo@bls.gov  *  www.bls.gov/cps
 Establishment data:   (202) 691-6555  *  cesinfo@bls.gov  *  www.bls.gov/ces

Media contact:         (202) 691-5902  *  PressOffice@bls.gov

                       THE EMPLOYMENT SITUATION -- JULY 2012

Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 163,000 in July, and the unemployment rate
was essentially unchanged at 8.3 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported
today. Employment rose in professional and business services, food services and drinking
places, and manufacturing.

Household Survey Data

Both the number of unemployed persons (12.8 million) and the unemployment rate (8.3
percent) were essentially unchanged in July. Both measures have shown little movement
thus far in 2012. (See table A-1.)

Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rate for Hispanics (10.3 percent) edged
down in July, while the rates for adult men (7.7 percent), adult women (7.5 percent),
teenagers (23.8 percent), whites (7.4 percent), and blacks (14.1 percent) showed little
or no change. The jobless rate for Asians was 6.2 percent in July (not seasonally
adjusted), little changed from a year earlier. (See tables A-1, A-2, and A-3.)

In July, the number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks and over) was
little changed at 5.2 million. These individuals accounted for 40.7 percent of the
unemployed. (See table A-12.)

Both the civilian labor force participation rate, at 63.7 percent, and the employment-
population ratio, at 58.4 percent, changed little in July. (See table A-1.)

The number of persons employed part time for economic reasons (sometimes referred to as
involuntary part-time workers) was essentially unchanged at 8.2 million in July. These
individuals were working part time because their hours had been cut back or because
they were unable to find a full-time job. (See table A-8.)

In July, 2.5 million persons were marginally attached to the labor force, down from 2.8
million a year earlier. (These data are not seasonally adjusted.) These individuals were
not in the labor force, wanted and were available for work, and had looked for a job
sometime in the prior 12 months. They were not counted as unemployed because they had
not searched for work in the 4 weeks preceding the survey. (See table A-16.)

Among the marginally attached, there were 852,000 discouraged workers in July, a decline
of 267,000 from a year earlier. (These data are not seasonally adjusted.) Discouraged
workers are persons not currently looking for work because they believe no jobs are
available for them. The remaining 1.7 million persons marginally attached to the labor
force in July had not searched for work in the 4 weeks preceding the survey for reasons
such as school attendance or family responsibilities.

Establishment Survey Data

Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 163,000 in July. Since the beginning of this
year, employment growth has averaged 151,000 per month, about the same as the average
monthly gain of 153,000 in 2011. In July, employment rose in professional and business
services, food services and drinking places, and manufacturing. (See table B-1.)

Employment in professional and business services increased by 49,000 in July. Computer
systems design added 7,000 jobs, and employment in temporary help services continued
to trend up (+14,000).

Within leisure and hospitality, employment in food services and drinking places rose by
29,000 over the month and by 292,000 over the past 12 months.

Manufacturing employment rose in July (+25,000), with nearly all of the increase in durable
goods manufacturing. Within durable goods, the motor vehicles and parts industry had fewer
seasonal layoffs than is typical for July, contributing to a seasonally adjusted employment
increase of 13,000. Employment continued to trend up in fabricated metal products (+5,000).

Employment continued to trend up in health care in July (+12,000), with over-the-month
gains in outpatient care centers (+4,000) and in hospitals (+5,000). Employment also
continued to trend up in wholesale trade.

Utilities employment declined in July (-8,000). The decrease reflects 8,500 utility workers
who were off payrolls due to a labor-management dispute.

Employment in other major industries, including mining and logging, construction, retail
trade, transportation and warehousing, financial activities, and government, showed little
or no change over the month.

The average workweek for all employees on private nonfarm payrolls was unchanged at
34.5 hours in July. Both the manufacturing workweek, at 40.7 hours, and factory overtime,
at 3.2 hours, were unchanged over the month. The average workweek for production and
nonsupervisory employees on private nonfarm payrolls was unchanged at 33.7 hours. (See
tables B-2 and B-7.)

In July, average hourly earnings for all employees on private nonfarm payrolls edged up 
by 2 cents to $23.52. Over the year, average hourly earnings rose by 1.7 percent. In July,
average hourly earnings of private-sector production and nonsupervisory employees increased
by 2 cents to $19.77. (See tables B-3 and B-8.)

The change in total nonfarm payroll employment for May was revised from +77,000 to +87,000,
and the change for June was revised from +80,000 to +64,000.

The Employment Situation for August is scheduled to be released on Friday, September 7, 2012,
at 8:30 a.m. (EDT).

Glenn Hubbard: The Romney Plan for Economic Recovery

Tax cuts, spending restraint and repeal of Obama’s regulatory excesses would mean 12 million new jobs in his first term alone

By Glenn Hubbard

“…We are currently in the most anemic economic recovery in the memory of most Americans. Declining consumer sentiment and business concerns over policy uncertainty weigh on the minds of all of us. We must fix our economy’s growth and jobs machine.

We can do this. The U.S. economy has the talent, ideas, energy and capital for the robust economic growth that has characterized much of America’s experience in our lifetimes. Our standard of living and the nation’s standing as a world power depend on restoring that growth.

But to do so we must have vastly different policies aimed at stopping runaway federal spending and debt, reforming our tax code and entitlement programs, and scaling back costly regulations. Those policies cannot be found in the president’s proposals. They are, however, the core of Gov. Mitt Romney’s plan for economic recovery and renewal.

In response to the recession, the Obama administration chose to emphasize costly, short-term fixes—ineffective stimulus programs, myriad housing programs that went nowhere, and a rush to invest in “green” companies.

As a consequence, uncertainty over policy—particularly over tax and regulatory policy—slowed the recovery and limited job creation. One recent study by Scott Baker and Nicholas Bloom of Stanford University and Steven Davis of the University of Chicago found that this uncertainty reduced GDP by 1.4% in 2011 alone, and that returning to pre-crisis levels of uncertainty would add about 2.3 million jobs in just 18 months.

The Obama administration’s attempted short-term fixes, even with unprecedented monetary easing by the Federal Reserve, produced average GDP growth of just 2.2% over the past three years, and the consensus outlook appears no better for the year ahead.

Moreover, the Obama administration’s large and sustained increases in debt raise the specter of another financial crisis and large future tax increases, further chilling business investment and job creation. A recent study by Ernst & Young finds that the administration’s proposal to increase marginal tax rates on the wage, dividend and capital-gain income of upper-income Americans would reduce GDP by 1.3% (or $200 billion per year), kill 710,000 jobs, depress investment by 2.4%, and reduce wages and living standards by 1.8%. And according to the Congressional Budget Office, the large deficits codified in the president’s budget would reduce GDP during 2018-2022 by between 0.5% and 2.2% compared to what would occur under current law.

President Obama has ignored or dismissed proposals that would address our anti-competitive tax code and unsustainable trajectory of federal debt—including his own bipartisan National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform—and submitted no plan for entitlement reform. In February, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner famously told congressional Republicans that this administration was putting forth no plan, but “we know we don’t like yours.”

Other needed reforms would emphasize opening global markets for U.S. goods and services—but the president has made no contribution to the global trade agenda, while being dragged to the support of individual trade agreements only recently.

The president’s choices cannot be ascribed to a political tug of war with Republicans in Congress. He and Democratic congressional majorities had two years to tackle any priority they chose. They chose not growth and jobs but regulatory expansion. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act raised taxes, unleashed significant new spending, and raised hiring costs for workers. The Dodd-Frank Act missed the mark on housing and “too-big-to-fail” financial institutions but raised financing costs for households and small and mid-size businesses.

These economic errors and policy choices have consequences—record high long-term unemployment and growing ranks of discouraged workers. Sadly, at the present rate of job creation and projected labor-force growth, the nation will never return to full employment.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The Romney economic plan would fundamentally change the direction of policy to increase GDP and job creation now and going forward. The governor’s plan puts growth and recovery first, and it stands on four main pillars:

Stop runaway federal spending and debt. The governor’s plan would reduce federal spending as a share of GDP to 20%—its pre-crisis average—by 2016. This would dramatically reduce policy uncertainty over the need for future tax increases, thus increasing business and consumer confidence.

Reform the nation’s tax code to increase growth and job creation. The Romney plan would reduce individual marginal income tax rates across the board by 20%, while keeping current low tax rates on dividends and capital gains. The governor would also reduce the corporate income tax rate—the highest in the world—to 25%. In addition, he would broaden the tax base to ensure that tax reform is revenue-neutral.

Reform entitlement programs to ensure their viability. The Romney plan would gradually reduce growth in Social Security and Medicare benefits for more affluent seniors and give more choice in Medicare programs and benefits to improve value in health-care spending. It would also block grant the Medicaid program to states to enable experimentation that might better serve recipients.

Make growth and cost-benefit analysis important features of regulation. The governor’s plan would remove regulatory impediments to energy production and innovation that raise costs to consumers and limit new job creation. He would also work with Congress toward repealing and replacing the costly and burdensome Dodd–Frank legislation and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The Romney alternatives will emphasize better financial regulation and market-oriented, patient-centered health-care reform.

In contrast to the sclerosis and joblessness of the past three years, the Romney plan offers an economic U-turn in ideas and choices. When bolstered by sound trade, education, energy and monetary policy, the Romney reform program is expected by the governor’s economic advisers to increase GDP growth by between 0.5% and 1% per year over the next decade. It should also speed up the current recovery, enabling the private sector to create 200,000 to 300,000 jobs per month, or about 12 million new jobs in a Romney first term, and millions more after that due to the plan’s long-run growth effects.

But these gains aren’t just about numbers, as important as those numbers are. The Romney approach will restore confidence in America’s economic future and make America once again a place to invest and grow.

Mr. Hubbard, dean of Columbia Business School, was chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under President George W. Bush. He is an economic adviser to Gov. Romney. …”


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“First they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists, but I was neither, so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew so I did not speak out. And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me.”

~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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Abortion and Black Genocide (Barack Obama and the Negro Project)

“…Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in America. 78% of their clinics are in minority communities. Blacks make up 12% of the population, but 35% of the abortions in America. Are we being targeted? Isn’t that genocide? We are the only minority in America that is on the decline in population. If the current trend continues, by 2038 the black vote will be insignificant. Did you know that the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a devout racist who created the Negro Project designed to sterilize unknowing black women and others she deemed as undesirables of society? The founder of Planned Parenthood said, “Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated.” Is her vision being fulfilled today? …”


Obama SUPPORTS Black Genocide. The Cover-Up!

Bill Gates on Overpopulation and Global Poverty

Alex Jones – The Real Story Behind Bill Gates And his Death Panels!

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The Elite’s Plan for Global Extermination(Depopulation Eugenics) Exposed by Webster Tarpley 1 of 4

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Ron Paul Exposes Obamacare on Freedom Watch

“Ron Paul slammed Obama’s unconstitutional healthcare package on Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Freedom Watch. The Congressman announced that he will introduce legislation to stop the government from forcing people to buy health insurance.
Ron Paul is America’s leading voice for limited constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, and a return to sound monetary policies.”

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President Obama will lose the Catholic vote and any chance he had to be re-elected President.

The Catholics are organizing to defeat Obama.

People of all religious faiths should wake up to this state threat to religious freedom.

Vote Obama and his radical progressive socialists out of office.

Repeal Obamacare by supporting and voting for only candidates for public office who want the repeal of Obamacare.

Ron Paul is defender of the Constitution and for liberty.

Both young voters and independents are the biggest supporters of Ron Paul.

Catholics and grandparents are now seeing the wisdom of voting for a defender of freedom of religion and the Constitution.

Death panels to kill the old and birth control, sterilization and abortion to kill the young.

The radical progressive socialists are dangerous to your health and life.

Wake up. The life you save may be your own.

I am voting for Paul for President.

Pronk Pops Show 61:February 8, 2011

Obama birth-control rule stokes election-year fight

“…But Obama, at a meeting with Senate Democrats, reaffirmed his decision and was “not equivocating,” Senator Frank Lautenberg, who attended the closed-door session, told Reuters.

Republicans have seized upon the issue, seeing a chance to paint Obama as anti-religion and put him on the defensive at a time when signs of economic improvement appear to have energized his re-election bid.

The White House, caught off-guard by the fury of the response and now trying to calm objections, accused the Republicans of trying to make “political hay” out of the issue. It said it had begun outside discussions but gave no immediate sign of what, if any, concessions it might make.

“This attack … on religious freedom in our country cannot stand and will not stand,” Boehner vowed in a speech on the floor of his chamber.

The escalating fight centers on a provision in the 2010 healthcare law that requires health insurance to cover basic birth control services for women – even at Catholic charities, hospitals and universities.

Catholic bishops contend the policy infringes on religious liberty because the church does not condone the use of birth control pills or other contraceptives.

Boehner said if the president refuses to rescind the measure, Congress will do so legislatively.

But such a bill would have little chance of getting through a divided Congress. While Boehner may secure backing in the Republican-dominated House, he faces problems in the Senate, which is controlled by Obama’s fellow Democrats.

No matter how Congress responds, Obama is in a political bind. A retreat would anger his liberal base, while refusal to budge could alienate some Catholic voters. …”


Obamacare vs. the Catholics

The administration’s breach of faith.


“…As soon as Sebelius released this decision, the Catholic church panicked. The Conference of Catholic Bishops reached out to the administration to explain the position in which it had put them. But the tone of their concern was largely friendly: Most Catholic leaders were convinced that the entire thing was a misunderstanding and that the policy​—​which was labeled an “interim” measure​—​would eventually be amended.

The reason for this optimism was that more than a few important Catholics had previously climbed out on a high branch for Obama politically, and for his health care reform as a matter of policy. Despite what you may read in the New York Times, most lay Catholics are nominally at home in the Democratic party. (Remember that a majority of Catholics voted for Obama in 2008.) And what is true of the laity goes double for those in religious life. In 2009, Notre Dame president Father John Jenkins welcomed President Obama as the school’s commencement speaker in the face of a heated student protest. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops mostly kept its powder dry during the fight over Obamacare, and very few members of the church hierarchy actively, or even tacitly, opposed the bill. Others, such as Sister Carol Keehan, the president of the Catholic Health Association, actually lobbied in favor of it, early and often. So most Catholics took the president at his word when he met with Archbishop Timothy Dolan last fall and assured him that when the final version of the policy was eventually released, any fears would be allayed.

That was their mistake. Obama telephoned Dolan on the morning of January 20 to inform him that the only concession he intended to offer in the final policy was to extend the deadline for conformity to August 2013. Every other aspect of the policy enunciated by Sebelius would remain rigidly in place.

It’s unclear whether Obama anticipated the blowback which resulted from this announcement, or perhaps even welcomed the fight. The liberal Catholic establishment nearly exploded. Sister Keehan was so horrified she threw her lot in with the more conservative Dolan in full-throated opposition to Obama. Cardinal Roger Mahony, the spectacularly liberal archbishop emeritus of Los Angeles, wrote, “I cannot imagine a more direct and frontal attack on freedom of conscience.  .  .  . This decision must be fought against with all the energies the Catholic community can muster.” Michael Sean Winters, the National Catholic Reporter’s leftist lion, penned a 1,800-word cri de coeur titled “J’accuse!” in which he declared that, as God was his witness, he would never again vote for Obama. The editors of the Jesuit magazine America denounced a “wrong decision,” while the Washington Post columnist E. J. Dionne called the policy “unconscionable.” When you’ve lost even E.J. and the Jesuits, you’ve lost the church.

The reason liberal Catholics were so wounded is twofold. First, this isn’t a religio-cultural fight over Latin in the Mass or Gregorian chant. The subjects of contraception, abortion, and sterilization are not ornamental aspects of the Catholic faith; they flow from the Church’s central teachings about the dignity of the human person. Second, Obama has left Catholic organizations a very narrow set of options. (1) They may truckle to the government’s mandate, in violation of their beliefs. (2) They may cease providing health insurance to their employees altogether, though this would incur significant financial penalties under Obamacare. (The church seems unlikely to obtain any of Nancy Pelosi’s golden waivers.) Or (3) they may simply shut down. There is precedent for this final option. In 2006, Boston’s Catholic Charities closed its adoption service​—​one of the most successful in the nation​—​after Massachusetts law required that the organization must place children in same-sex households.

Which means that what is actually on the block are precisely the kind of social-justice services​—​education, health care, and aid to the needy​—​that liberal Catholics believe to be the most vital works of the church. For conservative Catholics, Obama merely confirmed their darkest suspicions; for liberals, it was a betrayal in full.

As a matter of law, this decision by Obama’s health care bureaucrats seems unlikely to survive. Last month, the Supreme Court struck down another attempt by the administration to bully religious believers in the Hosanna-Tabor case. In that instance, Obama’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission argued that a religious organization does not have the right to control its hiring and firing according to its religious belief. The Court struck down this argument 9-0 in a rebuke so embarrassing that Justice Elena Kagan came close to openly mocking her successor as Obama’s solicitor general during oral arguments. It was the kind of sweeping decision that should have deterred the Obama administration from forcing Catholics into complying with the health insurance mandate, because it suggested that the Court will very likely side against the administration once this matter comes before it. Presidents typically dislike being overturned unanimously by the High Court …”

“…While Catholics were blindsided by the January decision, the left had been paying close attention to the subject for months. In November, several leftist and feminist blogs began beating the war drums, warning Obama not to “cave” (their word) to the bishops. They were joined by the Nation, Salon, the Huffington Post, and the usual suspects. (Sample headline: “The Men Behind the War on Women.”) At the same time, Planned Parenthood and NARAL launched grassroots lobbying efforts and delivered petitions with 100,000 and 135,000 signatures respectively to the White House urging Obama to uphold the policy and not compromise.

In that sense, Obama’s decision might be thought of as akin to his decision halting the Keystone oil pipeline: a conscious attempt to energize his base at the expense of swing voters, who he concluded were already lost.

The other possibility, of course, is that Obama sees the dismantling of Catholic institutions as part of a larger ideological mission, worth losing votes over. As Yuval Levin noted in National Review Online last week, institutions such as the Catholic church represent a mediating layer between the individual and the state. This layer, known as civil society, is one of the principal differences between Western liberal order and the socialist view. …”


Catholic League Poised To Go To War With Obama Over Mandatory Birth Control Payments

Donohue Says 70 Million Of His Voters Ready To Alter Presidential Election

“…Catholic leaders are furious and determined to harness the voting power of the nation’s 70 million Catholic voters to stop a provision of President Barack Obama’s new heath car reform bill that will force Catholic schools, hospitals and charities to buy birth control pills, abortion-producing drugs and sterilization coverage for their employees.

“Never before, unprecedented in American history, for the federal government to line up against the Roman Catholic Church,” said Catholic League head Bill Donohue.

Already Archbishop Timothy Dolan has spoken out against the law and priests around the country have mobilized, reading letters  from the pulpit. Donohue said Catholic officials will stop at nothing to put a stop to it.

“This is going to be fought out with lawsuits, with court decisions, and, dare I say it, maybe even in the streets,” Donohue said. …”


Planned Parenthood’s Hostages

The abortion provider uses a vast media and political network to maintain its subsidies from government and private charities.

“…Planned Parenthood has spent millions fighting even those legislative initiatives that command extremely wide public support, such as laws requiring parental notification and informed consent for abortions, and those banning late-term abortions when the child developing in the womb is fully viable. Planned Parenthood even opposes a bill recently introduced in Congress to ban abortions for the purpose of sex selection.

It is easy to see why Komen might not wish to be associated with Planned Parenthood. Fighting breast cancer is something all Americans can and do agree on; promoting and performing abortions is something that divides us bitterly.

While Planned Parenthood’s target in the Komen case was new, its tactics are not. In the past two years, we have seen the abortion giant (and the politicians it funds) hold for ransom a diverse array of hostages.

In 2010, President Obama and the Democrats in Congress risked and narrowly averted the rejection of their signature health-care law in order to block the inclusion of provisions (such as the 1970s Hyde Amendment) that prevent federal abortion funding. At the 11th hour, a handful of “pro-life” Democrats capitulated, giving Mr. Obama and Planned Parenthood their victory.

Last year, in April, Mr. Obama risked a government shutdown over language in a resolution that would have defunded Planned Parenthood at the federal level. At the last moment, congressional Republicans gave way and allowed the federal money to keep flowing.

Also in 2011, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services threatened to withhold billions of dollars in Medicaid funds from those states such as Indiana that prohibit state funding of Planned Parenthood and other entities that provide elective abortions. Planned Parenthood strongly opposed Indiana’s attempt to cut off its funding and celebrated the federal government’s intervention. Indiana is currently litigating the matter in federal court.

Most recently, after intense lobbying, the Department of Health and Human Services did the bidding of Planned Parenthood by imposing a mandate on virtually all employers to provide insurance coverage (without cost-sharing) for abortion-inducing drugs, sterilizations and contraceptives. This threatens to force many religiously affiliated charitable institutions out of the business of providing education, health care and social services to the poor. …”


Archbishop to U.S. Troops: Obamacare Reg ‘Is a Blow to a Freedom…for Which You Have Seen Your Buddies Fall in Battle’

By Terence P.  Jeffrey

“…The regulation the archbishop spoke about was finalized by Health and Human Services  Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on Jan. 20. It mandates that all  health-care plans in the United States cover sterilizations and all  FDA-approved contraceptives, including those that cause abortions. A  “religious” employer exemption included in the regulation only applies to  organizations that primarily focus on inculcating the tenets of the  church in question, primarily employ members of the church, primarily  serve members of the church, and is organized under the section of the  Internal Revenue Code used by actual parishes.

Catholic hospitals, universities and charitable institutions would  not be exempt from the regulation, nor would Catholic individuals, business owners, or insurers.

Because the Catholic Church teaches that sterilization, artificial  contraception, and abortion are morally wrong and that Catholics cannot  be involved in them, and because the Obamacare law requires that all  individual purchase health insurance and that larger employers provide health insurance to their workers or face a penalty, the  regulation would force Catholics to act against the teachings of their  faith and against their consciences.

Archbishop Broglio’s letter opposing the regulation and describing it  as a violation of the constitutional rights of Catholics was read  verbatim at Masses served by Navy and Air Force chaplains around the  world.

However, the Army’s Office of the Chief of Chaplains attempted  to silence Catholic Army chaplains from reading it at their Masses—an  effort rejected and resisted by Archbishop  Broglio.

“On Thursday, January 26, Archbishop Broglio emailed a pastoral  letter to Catholic military chaplains with instructions that it be read  from the pulpit at Sunday Masses the following weekend in all military  chapels,” the Catholic Archdiocese for the Military said in a statement.

“The letter calls on Catholics to resist the policy initiative,  recently affirmed by the United States Department of Health and Human  Services, for federally mandated health insurance covering  sterilization, abortifacients and contraception, because it represents a  violation of the freedom of religion recognized by the U.S.  Constitution,” said the statement by the archdiocese.

“The Army’s Office of the Chief of Chaplains subsequently sent an  email to senior chaplains advising them that the Archbishop’s letter was  not coordinated with that office and asked that it not be read from the  pulpit,” said the archdiocese’s statement. “The Chief’s office  directed that the letter was to be mentioned in the Mass announcements  and distributed in printed form in the back of the chapel.”

On Saturday, Jan. 28, after the Army’s Office of the Chief of  Chaplains issued this directive, Archbishop Broglio spoke with Secretary  of the Army John McHugh, a political appointee of President Barack  Obama.

Archbishop Broglio’s position was that, in trying to stop Catholic  Army chaplains from reading his pastoral letter, the Army was violating his First Amendment rights to  free speech and the free exercise of religion and the First Amendment  rights of Catholic chaplains and Catholic service members. …”


Obama administration struggles to contain uproar over birth-control rule

By Amie Parnes and Sam Baker -

“…The White House struggled Wednesday to contain the growing uproar over its birth-control mandate, with Democrats peeling off one by one in what has become an increasingly divisive election-year controversy.

Pressure to roll back the new contraception policy mounted quickly as the day wore on, driven by divisions among Democrats, mixed messages from President Obama’s advisers and a constant drumbeat from the GOP.

“It’s becoming a thorny problem for the White House and it appears to only be getting worse,” said one Democratic strategist. “The politically astute move would be to modify this thing, and quick.”

Asked if the administration should shift course, a former senior administration official said, “I don’t see how they couldn’t. It’s pretty bad.”

With the consternation rising to a fever pitch, Republicans announced a plan to move a bill soon that would repeal the mandate. And prominent Democrats are breaking with the administration over the policy, which requires some religious organizations to cover contraception in their employees’ healthcare plans.

Sen. Bob Casey Jr. (D-Pa.) and Rep. John Larson (D-Conn.) urged the White House last week to broaden the exception for religious employers. Several of their Democratic colleagues have piled on since.

Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) said Wednesday that the Health and Human Services Department “misstepped” in adopting the new policy.

“I just don’t think this is a fight that should have been picked and I think it needs to be fixed,” Connolly said. “I have every confidence that the administration will do so.”

Tim Kaine, a former Democratic National Committee chairman running for Senate in Virginia this year, also said the White House should revisit the rule’s exemptions for religious organizations. The current policy does not apply to churches, but institutions such as Catholic hospitals and universities have to comply.

“I think the White House made a good decision in including a mandate for contraception coverage in the Affordable Care Act insurance policy, but I think they made a bad decision in not allowing a broad enough religious-employer exemption,” Kaine said in a radio interview, according to a transcript provided by his campaign. …”

Southern Baptist leader: If Obama mandate isn’t changed, Christians will go to jail

by Ben Johnson

“…One of the most influential evangelical leaders in the United States says Christians should go to jail rather than comply with the Obama administration’s mandate to provide all contraception, including abortion-inducing drugs, in their health care plans.

Dr. Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), told LifeSiteNews.com “we will not comply” with the Dept. of Health and Human Services’ mandate requiring religious institutions to cover abortifacient products such as Plan B, Ella, and the IUD.

“We want the law changed, or else we’re going to write our letters from the Nashville jail, just like Dr. King wrote his from the Birmingham jail,” Dr. Land said.

Dr. Land wrote an op-ed on Tuesday with Barrett Duke, vice president for public policy and research at ERLC, calling his fellow Southern Baptists and evangelical Christians throughout America to oppose any infringement on the First Amendment. …”


Reverse rule for contraception coverage

“…I thank Vice President Joe Biden for visiting Ohio today.

The Sisters of Charity Health System is a Cleveland-based Catholic health-care organization which, in collaboration with other Catholic health ministries, actively promoted the passage of the Affordable Care Act. We are dedicated to increased health-care coverage and access and are supportive of the law’s efforts to improve quality of care and patient outcomes.

I ask the vice president to help Catholic and other faith-based employers with a recent federal action. We are very disappointed with the Health and Human Services rule on women’s preventive services that requires the inclusion of contraceptive coverage and sterilization in employer-based employee-benefits plans. The regulation denies adequate conscience protections for religious employers like us.

Our faith motivates us; we carry out the healing mission because of God’s call. And we are blessed to be joined in our ministry by a diverse and inclusive work force.

We urge President Barack Obama to be consistent with existing provider conscience-protection laws and allow us to exercise our First Amendment rights to conscience protection as faith-based employers. Please fix this discriminatory rule.


President and chief executive officer

Sisters of Charity Health System …”



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We the People Have the Power–Ron Paul 2012–Paul Priorities: Peace & Prosperity–Videos

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Ron Paul, the founding fathers, and redeeming America

Ron Paul 2012: We the People Have the Power

The Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul

Thanksgiving Family Forum – Ron Paul Highlights

Ron Paul 2012 

Ron Paul Ad – Secure 

Ron Paul Ad – Plan


Ron Paul  – “The one who can beat Obama”

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Armed Chinese Troops in Texas!–Ron Paul’s Nationl Defense and Foreign Policy–Videos

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Armed Chinese Troops in Texas!

Ron Paul: What if the People Wake Up?

Ron Paul – Plan  Ad 2

New Ron Paul 2012 Ad – Big Dog

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Thanksgiving Family Forum –November 19, 2011–Des Moines, Iowa– Complete Video

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Thanksgiving Family Forum — Complete Video

Hear what the candidates have to say about family issues, life challenges, the sanctity of life, marriage and more. Watch the event in its entirety. The Forum took place in Des Moines, Iowa, on Nov. 19.

This is the complete, unedited program.


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“Blessed are the Peacemakers:” Ron Paul’s Christian Foreign Policy–Videos

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“Blessed are the Peacemakers:” Ron Paul’s Christian Foreign Policy

Ron Paul: Don’t Allow Big Government to Determine Your Future!

Ron Paul on Freedom Watch 10/24/11

Ron Paul Campaign Youth Rally Speech, University Of Iowa — October 21, 2011

U.S. Foreign Policy Hurting Freedom, Economic Prosperity?

Background Articles and Videos

SA@TAC – What’s a ‘Neoconservative?’

SA@TAC – Wither the Neocons?

SA@TheDC – Confronting American Empire

SA@The DC – Ron Paul’s Reaganesque Foreign Policy

SA@TAC – Ronald Reagan: Isolationist

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Ron Paul’s Economic Plan for Restoring America to Peace and Prosperity–Videos

Rush Limbaugh Backs Ron Paul Plan To Save The American Republic!–Videos

If You Believe in The Sanctity of Life And Liberty–Please Consider Voting For Ron Paul–Videos

People Don’t Understand The Power Of Ron Paul–Especially The Mainstream Media–The American People Are Listening–Videos

Ron Paul at the National Press Club 10/5/11 –Videos

Ron Paul–Videos

Ron Paul–Republican Debate-September 22, 2011–Fox News And Google–Videos

Republican Debate–September 22, 2011–Fox News and Google–Videos

Republican Debate September 12, 2011–Tea Party–CNN–Videos

Ron Paul Responds To Barack Obama’s Jobs Speech–Videos

Ron Paul Highlights in 9/7/2011 Presidential Debate–Videos

Ron Paul The Constitutionalist Candidate vs. Mitt Romney The Establishment Candidate–Videos

Ron Paul Gaining Momentum–Videos

Beyond Top Tier–First In The Hearts and Minds Of The American People and Founding Fathers–The One–Ron Paul–Restoring Liberty, Peace and Prosperity–Videos

Ron Paul On The Federal Reserve Board’s Decision To Keep Interest Rates Low For Next Two Years Resulting In The Devaluing And Destruction Of The U.S. Dollar!–Videos

Ron Paul Defender of Freedom–The Youth and Professional Soldiers Choice For President Of The United States–The Peace and Prosperity Candidate–Campaign for Liberty–Videos

Real Hope–Real Change–Ron Paul–The Peace and Prosperity Constitutional Candidate For President of The United States in 2012

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2011 Iowa Straw Poll: Bachmann knocks off Pawlenty, Paul builds momentum, Perry crashes party—Show me the money!–Videos

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Ron Paul Speech at the Iowa Straw Poll – 2011 Ron Paul Comes in SECOND PLACE!!

Iowa Straw Poll results

Gov. Perry Announces Presidential Bid

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Announces His Candidacy for President of the United States

Bachmann wins Iowa poll, Pawlenty drops out

MSNBC Gov. Tim Pawlenty is quitting the presidential race

The straw poll conducted by the Iowan Republican Party in Ames, Iowa Aug. 13 was the first real political test of the candidates. The poll is an early indicator of which candidates are both well organized and can attract campaign contributions from their supporters.

Minnesotan Congresswoman Michele Bachmann won the 2011 Ames, Iowa straw poll on Aug. 13 with 4,823 votes. She was followed closely by Texas Congressman Ron Paul with 4,671 votes, a gap of only 162 votes. Bachmann and Paul combined received more than 60 percent of the 16,892 total votes cast.

Lagging far behind in 3rd place was former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty with 2,293 votes and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum with 1,657 votes. Atlanta businessman and former talk radio show host Herman Cain received 1,456 votes, for a strong 5th place finish without spending a penny for radio or television advertising.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, the Republican establishment front-runner candidate, received 567 votes with a 6th place finish. Former Speaker of The House of Representatives Newt Gingrich finished 7th and received 385 votes.

Texas Governor Rick Perry officially announced his candidacy for presidency of the United States in a speech in Charleston, South Carolina on Aug. 13. Perry promised that “I’ll work every day to try to make Washington, D.C. as inconsequential in your life as I can.” and unveiled the tag-line for his campaign, “It is time to get America working again”. Perry then flew off to Waterloo, Iowa on Aug. 14 and crashed the Republican Party Black Hawk County’s Lincoln Day dinner and fundraiser, where he and Bachmann were invited speakers.

Pawlenty announced on Aug.14 that he was dropping out of the race due to his 3rd place finish in the Iowa straw poll and his performance in the debates. Perry’s entry into the race was also a factor.

I am still supporting Paul as the presidential candidate and Bachmann as the vice-president candidate who would unite the fiscally responsible libertarian and social conservative wings of the Republican Party and Tea Party movement.

I consider both Romney and Perry to be closet progressives or RINOS (Republican In Name Only) with Perry also supporting a neoconservative interventionist foreign policy. Neither Romney nor Perry is up to the job of aggressively cutting the size and scope of the federal government, which would require closing 8 to 10 federal departments, cutting defense spending upwards of 25 percent, cutting entitlement spending (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and welfare programs) and comprehensive tax reform–The FairTax.

Paul is the one candidate that truly believes in a limited constitutional republic with balanced budgets and a non-interventionist foreign policy by bringing the troops home, cutting unnecessary defense spending and ending foreign aid. His long voting record in Congress clearly demonstrates this. Paul is the only peace and prosperity candidate of either political party.

While the American people may believe and trust Paul, it is still not clear they will support him. The real question is, will the American people send him enough money to enable him to run against the Republican establishment candidates, Romney and Perry.

Who will win the Republican Party nomination for president in 2012? Which candidates will bring in the most money and use it wisely by building a well-organized campaign with a clear and concise message? Both Romney and Perry are capable of bringing in big Republican establishment money, especially from the military industrial complex and the petroleum industry.

“Show me the money” will be one of the tests all candidates must meet to remain viable. Money is required to pay for television and radio ads both in the primaries and the general election. Without money or campaign contributions, the majority of the American people who do not follow politics simply won’t be familiar enough with the candidates or their position on the issues.

What is interesting to note is Paul leads all the other candidates for president, including Barack Obama by a large margin in terms of campaign contributions from active duty military. It remains to be seen whether he and Bachmann can consistently bring in enough money from the American people. If they cannot, then either Republican Party establishment candidates, Romney or Perry, should win the presidency in 2012.

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Ron Paul 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Winner?–Videos

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Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize


Ron Paul Proves Obama is a Warmonger


Ron Paul: Libya and Unintended Consequences


Ron Paul, anti-war


Ron Paul : War Is A Racket!


Ron Paul : Obama Preparing for Perpetual War!


Ron Paul “There’s A Simple Solution To All This That Is Obey The Constitution!”


Galtung – Does President Obama Deserve To Win The Nobel Prize 1


President Theodore Roosevelt (1906), Woodrow Wilson (1919), Jimmy Carter (2002), and Barack Obama (2009) received the Nobel Peace Prize–four warmongering progressive government interventionist presidents.

Yet the Nobel Peace Prize was never given to Gandhi.

 Time for the Nobel Peace Prize committee to award the 2011 Peace Prize to Ron Paul–a true peace, liberty  and non-interventionist future president.

I do not expect this to happen for the simple reason that the Nobel Committee is controlled by socialists and collectivists–not classical liberals or  individualists.

Committee members


Ron Paul is also a great admirer and follower of the Austrian School of Economics, in particular the works of the  Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek.

The  Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics was never awarded to Ludwig von Mises and only after von Mises died in 1973 was the Noble Prize in Economics awarded in 1974 to Friedrich A. Hayek but was shared with Gunnar Myrdal.


Economics and Moral Courage | Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.


Myrdal, a social democrat or progressive considered Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman as “reactionaries” and recommended that the Noble Memorial Prize in Economics be abolished.

If Ron Paul does not get the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011, may be it is time to abolish the Nobel Peace Prize as well.



Background Articles and Videos

War is A Racket

Written by Two-Time Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient

Major General Smedley D. Butler

USMC, Retired


All Nobel Peace Prizes

“…The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded 91 times to 121 Nobel Laureates between 1901 and 2010 – 98 times to individuals and 23 times to organizations. Since International Committee of the Red Cross was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1917, 1944 and 1963, and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1954 and 1981, that means 98 individuals and 20 organizations have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Click on the links to get more information. …”


Thorbjørn Jagland

“…Thorbjørn Jagland (help·info) (born 5 November 1950, né Johansen[1]) is a Norwegian politician for the Labour Party, currently serving as the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe (since 2009). He is also the Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee (since 2009), and as such responsible for awarding the Nobel Peace Prize.

Jagland served as Prime Minister of Norway from 1996 to 1997, as Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2000 to 2001 and as President of the Storting from 2005 to 2009. Prior to becoming Prime Minister, Jagland served as party secretary from 1986 to 1992, and subsequently party leader until 2002, when he was succeeded by Jens Stoltenberg. He did not run for reelection to parliament in 2009.

Jagland’s cabinet, albeit short-lived, was marked by controversies from the beginning to the end, with two ministers being forced to withdraw following personal scandals.[2] Jagland, who was much ridiculed in the media for his quotes and statements and frequently portrayed as incompetent,[3] resigned following the 1997 election, as a consequence of his much ridiculed 36.9 ultimatum, even though his party won the most votes. In 2010 a group of forty prominent historians ranked Jagland as the weakest Norwegian prime minister since the end of the Second World War;[4] two years before, his predecessor Gro Harlem Brundtland had criticized his premiership in harsh terms and described Jagland as “stupid”[5]. Also his term as Foreign Minister was marked by controversies, due to his perceived lack of qualification for the office and quotes and statements that were considered inappropriate.[6] Jagland was widely perceived to have been passed over when Jens Stoltenberg formed his second cabinet in 2005.[7] In 2009 he was elected as the Secretary General of the Council of Europe.

Jagland studied economics, but quit his studies after passing the first exam in 1975. He started his political career in the Workers’ Youth League, and served as national leader from 1977 to 1981. …”


Economic Nationalism Is a Philosophy of War | by Ludwig von Mises



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Sexist Elitist Chris Wallace Asks Michele Backmann Are You A Flake?–Chris, Are You A Wimp?–Videos

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Pronk Pops Show 34:June 29, 2011

Pronk Pops Show 33:June 22, 2011

Pronk Pops Show 32:June 15, 2011

Pronk Pops Show 31:June 8, 2011

Pronk Pops Show 30:June 2, 2011

Listen To Pronk Pops Podcast or Download Shows 34-

Listen To Pronk Pops Podcast or Download Shows 30-33

Listen To Pronk Pops Podcast or Download Shows 27-29

Listen To Pronk Pops Podcast or Download Shows 22 (Part 2)-26

Listen To Pronk Pops Podcast or Download Shows 16-22 (Part 1)

Listen To Pronk Pops Podcast or Download Shows 10-15

Listen To Pronk Pops Podcast or Download Shows 1-9

“A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor and bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government.”

~Thomas Jefferson

Bachmann: Flake Question

The rap on Chris Wallace is he is a wimp!

Clinton is a liar and Chris should have known he was being lied to and challenged him.

Had Clinton given the go ahead to kill Bin Laden, the 9/11 attack may have never happened.

This is the reason Clinton is so sensitive about any criticism on the subject.

Clinton Kicks the Crap out of Fox News Part 2


Clinton refused to kill bin Laden


Clinton Administration failures precipitated 9/11

Michele Bachmann answered the flake question with a homerun response.

Chris Wallace to his credit apologized.

Chris Wallace Says Sorry To Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann: I Accept Chris Wallace’s Apology – 06/27/11

The flakes, clowns and extremists of both political parties are the ones who think you can run the Federal Government with deficits of over $1,000 billion four years in a row without economic consequences.

Confronting Reckless Federal Spending

Fox News – Big Government is the Enemy

“I am not a friend to a very energetic government. It is always oppressive.”

~Thomas Jefferson

Background Articles and Videos

Michele Bachmann is Interviewed by Chris Wallace (Fox News Sunday) – Pt. 1 of 2

Michele Bachmann is Interviewed by Chris Wallace (Fox News Sunday) – Pt. 2 of 2

Elitists Treat Bachmann the Same as Palin

Tuesday, 28 Jun 2011 10:25 AM

By David Limbaugh

“…Indeed, there is an enormous elephant in the room of GOP presidential politics, which is that despite their individual popularity, both female contenders, Bachmann and Sarah Palin, are dismissed in many circles as cartoon characters.

I’m the last person who wants to inject identity politics into any equation, but I can’t help but wonder what role, if any, their gender may be playing here — not just that they’re females but also that they’re attractive ones.

Though I doubt these are major factors for most people, they are for some. In fact, a number of females have suggested that other women react negatively to Palin — and presumably to Bachmann, as well — specifically because they are women.

In other critics I detect a type of soft sexism leading to a stronger reaction to their gaffes than to, say, Obama’s. They regard their mistakes (or supposed mistakes) as disqualifying while casually overlooking far worse errors from the Harvard-educated Obama.

Bachmann and Palin are panned as inexperienced and lacking gravitas despite their records and accomplishments, and Obama is treated as a heavyweight despite his miserable record and voluminous verbal blunders.

But much bigger factors driving the media narrative against Palin and Bachmann than their female attractiveness are their common personal and ideological characteristics.

They are both fearless, combative, energizing, and unqualified conservatives. Don’t get me wrong; they are two very different people, but these shared qualities make them especially contemptible to the left and to certain elitists on the right.

Bachmann and Palin happen to be among the most conservative of the GOP field, and leftists and elitists routinely cast conservatives as a dozen fries short of a Happy Meal. They consider Reagan conservatives — just as they regarded Reagan in his day — dangerous extremists and insufficiently nuanced for prime time.

Those who pull no punches in challenging the Beltway dogma that got us into this calamity are quickly shunted aside by the elites. But they are adored by mainstream Americans, who are unencumbered by the numbing realities of Washington that prevent far too many career politicians from taking immediate action to reverse our nationally suicidal course.

Read more on Newsmax.com: Elitists Treat Bachmann the Same as Palin
Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama’s Re-Election? Vote Here Now!


Conversations With History – Michael Scheuer

Classic TYT Interview With Michael Scheuer 2-15-08


Presidents Vs. Terrorists

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Herman Cain Wakes Up Sleeping Americans On The Glenn Beck Show–Videos

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Glenn Beck -6/8/2011- An Hour With Herman Cain Part 1


Glenn Beck -6/8/2011- An Hour With Herman Cain Part 2


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Herman Cain–The Tea Party Movement Candidate–Running On Cutting Spending, Opposing Higher Debt Ceiling, Enforcing Immigration Laws, Defunding Planned Parenthood, Nominating Pro Life Judges, And Passing The FairTax–Common Sense Solutions!–Videos


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President Barack Obama–Tax and Spend–High Unemployment and Inflation–Videos

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“It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.”

~Thomas Jefferson

U. S Debt Clock


Year Gross Debt in Billions undeflated[11] as % of GDP Debt Held By Public ($Billions) as % of GDP
1910 2.6 unk. 2.6 unk.
1920 25.9 unk. 25.9 unk.
1928 18.5[12] unk. 18.5 unk.
1930 16.2 unk. 16.2 unk.
1940 50.6 52.4 42.8 44.2
1950 256.8 94.0 219.0 80.2
1960 290.5 56.0 236.8 45.6
1970 380.9 37.6 283.2 28.0
1980 909.0 33.4 711.9 26.1
1990 3,206.3 55.9 2,411.6 42.0
2000 5,628.7 58.0 3,409.8 35.1
2001 5,769.9 57.4 3,319.6 33.0
2002 6,198.4 59.7 3,540.4 34.1
2003 6,760.0 62.6 3,913.4 35.1
2004 7,354.7 63.9 4,295.5 37.3
2005 7,905.3 64.6 4,592.2 37.5
2006 8,451.4 65.0 4,829.0 37.1
2007 8,950.7 65.6 5,035.1 36.9
2008 9,985.8 70.2 5,802.7 40.8
2009 12,311.4 86.1 7,811.1 54.6
2010 (31 Dec) 14,025.2 95.2 (3rd Q) 9,390.5 63.7 (3rd Q)





Democratic Party Budget Proposals 

S-1 FY2012 President’s Budget(Nominal Dollars in Billions)
Fiscal Year Outlays Revenues Deficits Debt Held By Public
2011 3,819 2,174 -1,645 10,856
2012 3,729 2,627 -1,101 11,881
2013 3,771 3,003 -768 12,784
2014 3,977 3,333 -646 13,562
2015 4,190 3,583 -607 14,301
2016 4,468 3,819 -649 15,064
2017 4,669 4,042 -627 15,795
2018 4,876 4,257 -619 16,513
2019 5,154 4,473 -681 17,284
2020 5,442 4,686 -735 18,103
2021 5,697 4,923 -774 18,967
2012-2021 45,952 38,747 -7,205 n.a.

Glenn Beck-04/13/11-A

Glenn Beck-04/13/11-B

Glenn Beck-04/13/11-C


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President Obama’s Fiscal Year 2012 Budget Speech Of April 13, 2011–Eat The Rich And Killing The American Dream Class Warfare–Cuts National Security Spending and Raise Taxes On The Rich–Produces Massive Deficits, National Debt, and Higher Unemployment For 12 More Years–Progressive Radical Socialist Economic Stagflation–Videos

Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann And Rand Paul–Stop Spending Money You Don’t Have!–Balance The Budget–Tea Party Budget Gets It Right–Videos

Republican Party Establishment Ruling Class Betrays The Tea Party Movement and American People With A Fiscal Year 2012 Budget Resolution With A Deficit of $995 Billion And Budgets Not Balanced In Next Ten Years–Replace Republican Party Leadership–Videos

Tea Party Movement Demands Passage of Balanced Budget Amendment and The FairTax As The Price For Raising The National Statutory Debt Limit of $ 14,294,000,000 One Last Time By $1,000,000,000,000!–Videos

Just One More Thing Congressman Ryan: When Does The Republican’s Path To Prosperity Balance The Budget?–The Twelth of Never!

The FairTax (National Consumption Sales Tax) vs. The Flat Tax (One Rate Federal Income Tax)–Who Pays The Most Federal Individual Income Tax? Videos

The Washington Political Elites of Both Parties Are Not Serious About Balancing The Federal Budget And Funding Entitlement Liabilities–Send In The Clowns–Don’t Bother There Here–Videos

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Drinking With Bob–Let Libyans Fight Their Own Battles–Obama Hates US–DRILL! DRILL!! DRILL!!!–Videos

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Let Libyans Fight Their Own Battles…


Obama Hates US…



Three Cheers for Bob!

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Joel C. Rosenberg–The Twelfth Iman–Videos

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Tensions are rising in the Middle East.  Iran’s president vows to annihilate the United States and Israel. Israel’s prime minister says someone must hit Iran’s nuclear sites “before it’s too late.” The American president warns against a preemptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities and says negotiations are the key to finding peace.
And amid it all, rumors are swirling throughout the region of a mysterious religious cleric claiming to be the Islamic messiah known as the Mahdi or the Twelfth Imam. Word of his miracles, healings, signs, and wonders is spreading like wildfire.
CIA operative David Shirazi was born for this moment. He is recruited and sent into Tehran with one objective: use all means necessary to disrupt Iran’s nuclear weapons program, without leaving American fingerprints and without triggering an apocalyptic new war.
But time is running out.

Publishers Weekly

Bestseller Rosenberg (The Last Jihad) has carved out a deep niche in conservative political fiction, vividly sweeping from 1979 Iran during the hostage crisis to a world-threatening crisis in the present day. When a prophecy of the coming Mahdi, or 12th imam, is believed to have been fulfilled through a Muslim prophet, a nuclear attack is threatened by Iran against Israel to bring the end of days. Iranian-American CIA operative David Shirazi must infiltrate the Iranian government without leaving American fingerprints and stop the ultimate disaster that would certainly escalate into international conflict. Filled with Islamic culture and history, this story of an Iranian family and an American one trying to understand one another is coupled with an emerging love story that will no doubt play out in coming books, since the ending is left open for more. Readers must keep track of many characters, but the author has provided a character list. Toeing the Christian conservative line while still writing sympathetic Muslim characters, Rosenberg is a go-to novelist for Christian political fiction. (Oct.)

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Joel C. Rosenberg is the New York Times best-selling author of The Last Jihad, The Last Days, The Ezekiel Option, The Copper Scroll, and Epicenter, with 1.5 million copies in print. A communications strategist based in Washington, D.C., he has worked with some of the world’s most influential and provocative leaders, including Steve Forbes, Rush Limbaugh, former Israeli deputy prime minister Natan Sharansky, and former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Once a political columnist for World magazine, he now writes commentaries for National Review as well as a weekly e-mail update known as “Flash Traffic” for business and political leaders. A front-page Sunday New York Times profile called him a “force in the capital.” He has also been profiled by the Washington Times and the Jerusalem Post and has been interviewed on ABC’s Nightline, CNN Headline News, FOX News Channel, The History Channel, MSNBC, The Rush Limbaugh Show, and The Sean Hannity Show. …”


The Twelfth Imam, by Joel Rosenberg


Background Articles and Videos

Joel C. Rosenberg

“… Joel C. Rosenberg (born 1967) is an American communications strategist, author of the Last Jihad series, and founder of The Joshua Fund.[3][4] An Evangelical Christian whose father had been raised in an Orthodox Jewish household,[5] he has written five novels about terrorism and how it relates to Bible Prophecy, including Gold Medallion Book Award winner The Ezekiel Option,[6] along with two nonfiction books, Epicenter and Inside the Revolution, on the alleged resemblance of biblical prophecies and current events. Rosenberg serves as a political columnist for World and he has also had his work published by the Wall Street Journal, National Review, and Policy Review. He and his wife, Lynn, have four sons and reside near Washington, D.C. …”



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Joel C. Rosenberg–Inside The Revolution–Videos


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President Obama’s Saint Valentine’s Massacre of The American People–Fiscal Year 2012 Budget Buster–Spending $3,729 Billion–Taxes $2,627 Billion–Deficit $1,101 Billion–Dead On Arrival–DOA– 3 Million Tea Party Patriots To March On Washington D.C. On Friday, April 15, 2011 In Protest!–Videos

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St Valentine’s Day Massacre

Glenn Beck-02/15/11-A

Glenn Beck-02/15/11-B

Glenn Beck-02/15/11-C

Obama, Ryan, Stockman’s Own Words on Budget Proposal

Obama to Submit $3.7 Trillion Budget to Congress

Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 2012


What Does The Federal Budget Freeze Look Like?

U.S. Debt Clock


United States of America

National Debt

At End of Fiscal Year

Date Dollar Amount
09/30/2010 13,561,623,030,891.79
09/30/2009 11,909,829,003,511.75
09/30/2008 10,024,724,896,912.49
09/30/2007 9,007,653,372,262.48
09/30/2006 8,506,973,899,215.23
09/30/2005 7,932,709,661,723.50
09/30/2004 7,379,052,696,330.32
09/30/2003 6,783,231,062,743.62
09/30/2002 6,228,235,965,597.16
09/30/2001 5,807,463,412,200.06


The National Debt Road Trip.mov

Jack Daniels Explains The Deficit

It’s Simple to Balance The Budget Without Higher Taxes

Ron Paul On Morning Joe

Cuts, Deficit Highlight 2012 Budget Blueprint, But Battles Loom

Stockman Describes Obama Budget Plan as a `Cop Out’

David Stockman Interview – Video

Fiscal Year 2012 Budget of the United States Government


Fox News Sunday Chris Wallace with Rep. Paul Ryan on Obama budget 2012

Paul Ryan’s GOP Response to State of the Union 2011

Rep. Michele Bachmann Delivers Tea Party Response to State of the Union

Libertarian response to State of the Union and Republicans

Political Checklist: President Obama’s Budget a ‘Starting Point’

Budget Fiscal Year 2012 Tables Budget Totals


Summary of Budget Receipts, Outlays and Deficits/Surpluses

(in billions of U.S. dollars)

President Bush

Fiscal Year Tax Receipts Spending Outlays Deficits (-)/Surplus
2005 2,153.611 2,471.957 -318.346
2006 2,406.869 2,655.050 -248.181
2007 2,567.985 2,728.686 -160.701
2008 2,523.991 2,982.544 -458.553

President Obama

Fiscal Year Tax Receipts Spending Outlays Deficits (-)/Surplus
2009 2,104.989 3,517.677 -1,412.688
2010 2,162.724 3,456.213 -1,293.489
2011 estimate 2,173.700 3,818.819 -1,645.119
2012 estimate 2,627.449 3,728.686 -1,101.237

President Obama proposes another unbalanced budget exceeding over $1,101 billion.

In just three years (Fiscal Years 2010-2012) President Obama will run up deficits totalling over $4,000 billion.

This is totally irresponsible and reckless.

President Obama is not a leader, he is a reader.

In order to balance the budget without increasing taxes, the Federal government would need to cut Federal spending outlays by over $1,000 billion.

The tea party movement is demanding spending cuts that would balance the budget in Fiscal Year 2012 and no longer require any increases in the national debt ceiling.

Everything must be on the table including spending on defense and homeland security, welfare programs and entitlements (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)).

Entire Federal Departments, agencies and programs need to be shut down permanently to save the two entitlements that are now running deficits–Social Security and Medicare.

The nation and the American people cannot afford Obama Care which must be repealed.

How To Balance the Obama Budget

Milton Friedman on Libertarianism (Part 4 of 4)

At least ten Federal Departments must be closed.

Federal government spending outlays would need to be cut to Fiscal Year 2005 levels of about $2,500 billion.

This represents a $1,200 billion reduction in spending outlays from President Obama’s proposed Fiscal Year 2012.

This also represent a $500 billion reduction from the Republican promise of a budget at Fiscal Year 2008 levels with tax receipts of $2,523 billion, spending outlay of $2,982 billion and a deficit of $458 billion.

In other words the Republicans would need to cut their proposed spending outlays by about $500 billion to balance the budget.

This assumes that estimated tax receipts for Fiscal Year 2012 is about $2,500 billion which currently seems very optimistic given current tax receipt collections.

The time has come to permanently close entire Federal government departments.

For all practical purposes President Obama’s Fiscal Year 2012 budget is dead on arrival.

President Obama is the most fiscally irresponsible President in the history of the United States.

The President said the government must leave within its means.

Obama- Washington Should ‘Live Within Its Means’

Then President Obama proposes yet another unbalanced budget with over $1,100 billion in deficit spending.

This requires more Treasury debt and a raising of the national debt ceiling level.

The President is lying to the American people and should not be believed or trusted.

The President is clearly out of touch with reality and is delusional if he thinks the American people are falling for his lies.

Ben Bernanke is also lying when he says the Federal Reserve is not monetizing the debt to pay the Federal Government spending outlay.

Paul Ryan Questions Bernanke

Ron Paul: Bring the Troops Home, End the Welfare State, Stop Monetizing Debt

Bernanke is debasing the value of the U.S. dollar–a hidden tax on the American people that you pay with higher prices on all goods and services.

Time for the tea party movement to march on Washington D.C. on April 15, 2011 to pressure both Democrats and Republicans to cut spending, balance the budget and replace the Federal income tax with the Fair Tax.

Start the march at the Federal Reserve Building and

then march pass the White House

and then march to the Capital building for a rally.

The goal is a three million person march starting at the Federal Reserve and marching pass White house and then rally at the Capital.

Bring your family, friends and the unemployed.

The political establishment and politicians of both parties either start being financial responsible with balanced budget and the FairTax or they will be thrown out of office in November 2012 elections and their staffs fired.

The FairTax: It’s Time



9/12 Taxpayer Tea Party March on Washington, DC

9-12 Tea Party Protest in Washington DC – STOP out-of-control spending


Background Articles and Videos

The Bush/Obama Years (Dan Mitchell)

Federal deficit on track for a record this fiscal year

Government debt to exceed U.S. economy

“…Mr. Obama‘s budget projects that 2011 will see the biggest one-year debt jump in history, or nearly $2 trillion, to reach $15.476 trillion by Sept. 30, the end of the fiscal year. That would be 102.6 percent of GDP — the first time since World War II that dubious figure has been reached.

And the budget projects the government will run a deficit of $1.645 trillion this year, topping 2009’s previous record by more than $230 billion. By contrast, 2007’s deficit was just $160 billion altogether.

Still, amid the other staggering numbers in the budget Mr. Obama sent to Congress on Monday, the debt stands out because Congress will need to vote to raise the debt limit later this year, and because the numbers are so large.

In one often-cited study, economists Carmen Reinhart and Ken Rogoff have argued that when a nation’s gross debt passes 90 percent it hinders overall economic growth. The government measures debt several ways. Debt held by the public includes the money borrowed from Social Security’s trust fund.

President Obama speaks Monday at Parkville Middle School and Center of Technology in Parkville, Md. At right is Jacob Lew, Office of Management and Budget Director. (Associated Press)

Actual debt held by the public will reach 72 percent of GDP in 2011 and will climb as the Social Security trust fund’s finances continue to deteriorate. …”


Federal Budget Timeline

“…The annual budget process, or appropriations process, mainly concerns approximately one-third of the budget. This one-third of the budget, called the discretionary budget, is what Congress debates and sets the levels for on an annual basis. Examples of discretionary spending include the military and education programs.The other two-thirds of the federal budget is referred to as mandatory spending. These are programs, primarily entitlement programs, which Congress controls by setting out eligibility rules or other payment guidelines. Examples are Food Stamps and Social Security. Thus, the appropriations process is basically automatic. The numbers given in the budget every year are estimates based on the eligibility or payment rules.The annual budget process comprises a series of steps visible to the public:
Step 1: President Submits a Budget Proposal;
Step 2: Congress Passes a Budget Resolution;
Step 3: Congressional Subcommittees ‘Markup’ Appropriation Bills;
Step 4: The House and Senate Vote on Appropriation Bills and Reconcile Differences;
Step 5: The President Signs each Appropriation Bill and the Budget is Enacted.
First Monday in February
President submits the ‘budget request’: The President’s Budget is a proposal for the coming fiscal year which will start on October 1st and run through September 30th of the following year. For example, FY2010 began on October 1, 2009 and ended September 30, 2010.This proposal follows a lengthy preparation process which largely determines the priorities of the budget.Initially, the President and Cabinet decide policy priorities. Based on these priorities, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), which is part of the Executive Branch, gives guidelines to federal agencies instructing them how to prepare their strategic plans and budgets. The agencies then submit their budget requests and write documents defending their budget requests. These budget documents are also submitted to the appropriations committee of the House and Senate.The OMB evaluates these documents and prepares the budget request (the President’s Budget).
The President’s Budget comes out in five thick volumes including:

  • Budget of the US Government
  • Analytical Perspectives
  • Historical Tables
  • Appendix
  • Budget Systems and Concepts

The President’s Budget can be viewed on-line and downloaded from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), purchased through the Government Printing Office, and many libraries obtain copies.

The House and Senate pass a budget resolution: After the President submits his budget, the House and Senate traditionally prepare budget resolutions. A ‘budget resolution’ is a framework for making budget decisions about spending and taxes. It does not set binding spending amounts for particular programs. After the two chambers pass their budget resolutions, a joint conference is formed to reconcile the two versions which is then voted on by each chamber.
Late Spring-Early Fall
The House and Senate subcommittees ‘markup’ appropriation bills: Based on the budget resolution, the Appropriation Committee of each chamber sets allocations for each of its subcommittees (12 in the House and 12 in the Senate)Each committee takes the budget requests and justifications submitted by agencies, conducts hearings and does follow-ups with agencies to obtain answers to questions about the agency requests. Based on all of this information, each committee writes a first draft of its appropriation bill. This is called the ‘chairman’s mark’. The committee then votes on its bill and after passage, it moves back to the appropriations committee. The appropriations committee reviews and sends it to the floor for a vote, attaching any special riders that it deems necessary.To find out the status and membership of each subcommittee, go to the Senate Appropriations Committee, and the House Appropriations Committee.Alongside the process of appropriations, there may be one or more pieces of tax or other legislation affecting federal revenues.
Summer-Early Fall (in practice, through December)
Floor Votes: The individual appropriation bills are debated and voted on by their respective chambers. After both versions of a particular appropriation bill are passed in their respective chambers, a conference committee is set up to resolve differences between the House and Senate versions. The House and Senate both vote on a conference report for each bill. Each one is then signed by the President.You can always obtain the Status of Appropriation Bills. For more information on the legislative process, go to Thomas, which has extensive legislative information on the internet.
October 1st
Budget is Enacted: The President must sign each appropriation bill after it has passed Congress. When he has signed all of the bills, the budget is enacted. However, the process is not normally finished by October 1st. In FY 2011, for example, Congress will likely not complete the budget process until December of this year.If the budget is not enacted by October 1st, Congress must pass “continuing resolutions” in order for the government to continue its functions. These resolutions simply continue funding for agencies and programs at current levels until the budget for the fiscal year is enacted.
October 11th
The Government Accountability Office should begin overseeing how the money is spent.


Policy Basics: Where Do Our Federal Tax Dollars Go?

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Ron Paul Wins CPAC 2011 Presidential Preference Straw Poll and Is Excluded From Fox News Poll–The Republican Establishment Must Be Running Scared–Videos

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“Ron Paul Can’t Be Elected!”–Donald Trump CPAC Speech–Another Progressive Outted–Videos

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“Ron Paul Can’t Be Elected!” Donald Trump CPAC Speech

Speculators taking advantage of low margins and cheap money from the Federal Reserve are the primary cause of the rise in gasoline prices not OPEC and China.

Donald Trump needs and supports the Fed’s low interest rate monetary policy to support his real estate investments.

A Ron Paul/Michele Bachmann can get elected in 2012 and that is why both the  Democratic and Republican progressive establishment are attacking the tea party movement and its supporters.

Ron Paul wants to end the Fed and the IRS, balance the budget, repeal Obama care,  cut Federal spending, reduce the national debt,a strong national defense, a non-interventionist foreign policy, bring the troops home and replace the Federal income tax with the FairTax.

The progressive Democratic and Republican establishment want the continuation of the warfare and welfare economy and a interventionist government.

Ron Paul wants a peace and prosperity economy with a limited in size and scope constitutional republic.

Sounds like a landslide victory agenda for me.

Donald Trump reminds me of Ross Perot, he is a spoiler.

Ignore Trump.

Join the campaign for liberty and the 2012 Revolution of the tea party movement.

Ron Paul at CPAC 2010 – FULL SPEECH 2/19/10



Ron Paul: A New Hope 2.0


Ron Paul: A 2012 Revolution


Background Articles and Videos


Blame High Gas Prices on Laziness and Greed

Just as the U.S. economy seems about to recover, oil speculators are again ratcheting up gas prices. Don’t let them get away with it, says Ed Wallace

“…Fact is, we have more oil on hand today (13 million barrels) and just three million barrels of gasoline less than we did at the end of January 1999, a period when gasoline prices were down near the $1 mark. As for strong economic growth dictating higher oil and gas prices, it should be noted that our GDP grew 5.4 percent in late 1998—and growth would improve to 7.1 percent at the start of 1999. Yet gasoline was a buck a gallon.

It’s not just U.S. oil inventories that are considered at the high end of the five-year average. Mohammed bin Dha’en al-Hamili, energy minister for the United Arab Emirates, told the Gulf News on Dec. 25 that “global oil inventories are really high, and the current crude oil prices do not reflect market fundamentals.”

A few days before my appearance with Gambling, an Associated Press story discussed how U.S. gasoline demand has fallen for four straight years. It’s down 8 percent from our peak use in 2006, and the story further reported that government officials and the head of Exxon Mobil (XOM) believe that gasoline use in America has peaked for good this time, never to return to 2006 consumption levels.

The very next day CNN Money published a report from the Oil Price Information Service, which concluded, “Based on the current high price of crude oil and historical trends, gasoline prices in the $3.75 range could be a reality by spring.”

Yes, it’s 2008 redux: Energy prices are rising in the face of four-year weakened U.S. demand and high inventories worldwide.

At this rate, it won’t take long until skyrocketing oil and gasoline prices drag the current economic recovery to a halt. Worse, if oil and gasoline prices go up for consumers and business in 2011 by a substantial amount, reducing the unemployment numbers may not be possible. …”

“…At the moment, however, oil’s high premiums are more likely the result of far too much liquidity in the financial system, available at too little interest. Capital always looks for maximum yield, and paper profits on commodities seem again to be the year’s winning ticket.

But be warned: When the day comes that everyone holding an oil contract demands actual delivery of the physical crude on the contract’s due date, we’ll know we’re about to have a real energy crisis. And the day of that legitimate reckoning is coming—just not today or tomorrow.

The fact is that modern societies run on energy, and lots of it. Moreover, the lower the cost of that energy, the better the odds that the world’s economies will be doing extremely well. Yet Americans continue to have a major problem with our government’s position on liquid energy—it’s just one more issue with which Washington is incapable of dealing. Validating that statement is the fact that in the middle of December, the Commodities Futures Trading Commission delayed until 2011 the vote on installing position limits on speculators involved in commodities.

According to Reuters, some of the commissioners felt that moving too fast could damage the commodities market. Really? Here in the real world, everyone paying $3 a gallon for gasoline has been hoping someone would damage the oil futures market. …”

“Go After Speculators’ Leverage

Peter Drucker, easily the most brilliant predictor of future trends, made his predictions simply by looking at today’s reality and moving the trend line into the future to see how it would alter our society. If oil production continues to be constrained against demand, that allows the speculators and volatility to control the market. After all, speculators who never intend to take delivery of one drop of oil continue to plow more cheap capital into those contracts, thereby distorting the real discovery price.

After five years of this costly behavior, it has become clear that they’re not going to change if they don’t have to. The government could fix this problem quickly by severely reducing the amount of leverage or borrowing permitted to purchase commodity contracts and by raising interest rates. But neither move seems likely.


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Herman Cain CPAC 2011 Speech–Videos

Newt Gingrich at CPAC 2011–Videos

David Horowitz’s CPAC 2011 Keynote Speech–Videos

Paul Ryan CPAC 2011 Speech–Videos

Rand Paul CPAC 2011 Speech–Videos

The Tea Party’s Dream Ticket For 2012–Ron Paul/Michele Bachmann–Campaign For Liberty–Videos

Time To End The Federal Reserve System For Failing To Maintain Price Stability or The Purchasing Power of The U.S. Dollar–End The Federal Reserve Banking Cartel For Currency Debasement!–Videos

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